Some Thoughts, Aside from the obvious - Part Deux

Good to see the Bills arent the laughing stock of the league anymore with an impressive pre - season win, it's preseason and you take what you can get and I feel the Bills gave us a little more to talk about after that game, with that being said I present the following:

APPROVALS:(I know I said aside from the obvious but theres some things that just need to be pointed out)

1.) Brian Brohm - Was it me or did this kid look extremley confident in everything he did (except when he was talking with Chan on the sideline, he looked like a dog that just got in trouble for peeing on the rug), the kid did a great job standing in on third downs an making the throws needed to keep a drive alive, great cadence on the line getting young inexpierence colts dlineman to jump offside twice and overall was the better than Ryan Fitz and thats all I can ask for.

2.) Alex Carrington - I found in the first game against the Skins he didn't play bad he just didn't stand out when he was on the field, last night he got great push to close the pocket down, made some great plays shedding blocks and tackling the runner, just had an effective game didnt put up 3 sacks but was effective and for a rook thats all you want.

3.) Arthur Moats - I threw this kid under the bus after the first game, so i feel obliged to give him props after this one, he hustled on special teams had a great fumble recovery that looked more like an interception, and really chased down ball carriers to make some good tackles.

4.) Leodis McKelvin - Its not an easy job to guard Reggie Wayne a perennial pro bowler in man coverage and Leodis made it look easy (I should be saying the Bills secondary as a whole because they had great coverage all night but I wanna single out players) he made a great play to make a pass break up on third and 5 with great man coverage on the under route to Anthony Gonzalez and just had a great game coverage wise, maybe hes got his focus back, but again its only pre season.

5.) Steve Johnson - I know you guys are gunna be like he didnt really do anything, but that play where he pretended like the ball wasnt coming then almost made a huge grab down the sideline prevented a pick and had he of caught that ball that was a highlight play, he mad a great block on CJ's huge run and just looked like a good # 2 reciever

6.) CHAN GAILEYS PLAY CALLING - I cannot stress this enough, this guy runs motion on every play on the first drive and we move the ball down the field with no resistence, we stop running motion for the next two drives we go three and out two drives in a row, then he brings back the motion CJ has a huge run that if Cory Mc doesn't lose his block CJ may have found pay dirt a second time, then he breaks out the wishbone for max protect and Lee and Trent feed off each others chemistry and have a beautiful 70 yard TD strike. That being said I feel he really gave Brian Brohm a chance to succeed with good short routes ( The Buffalo Bills Ran 7 quick slants last night 7, The Dick Jauron era didnt run 7 slants there entire regime in Buffalo).


1.) The Buffalo Bills spread Defense - Though we showed great man coverage skills, Peyton exposed us with the spread. Was it me or was that second Colts TD not the exact play that the Patriots beat us week 1 last year with, spread us out in Cover 3 and send the TE right down the seem all I could see was flashbacks of Benjamin Watson making the TD grab to put the Bills out of reach and hand us the loss.

2.) Chad Simpson - This guy showed flashes of brilliance in week 1 and then nothing but losses and poor pass blocking week 2, tough week for the kid but im sure he will bounce back. ( he did have a nice kick return though)

3.) Derek Schouman - The guy gets back on the field for like 3 plays and hes injured again hes making a great block, and it was a great block but he gets hurt making a play, thats tough.

4.) Trent Edwards - Brian Brohm showed poise on third downs, Trent did not, he panicked. He did a good job avoiding sacks but he has to show some more confidence in those situations, 3rd and 7 should not be an allright boys pack it up we will get them next drive, you have to be able to get those. 3rd down % is a great stat and seperates the good teams from the bad ones.

5.) Keith Ellison - This is not because the guy played bad, but he went from being a starter on this defense to legitimate third string, I would love to keep him just for special teams because hes a good runner for a LB but I just feel bad for the guy the defense makes the change to 3-4 and he is just getting lost in translation.

Other Notes: Naaman Roosevelt ran great routes all game and Brian Brohm rewarded him twice on third and 5 or 6 Naaman ran just enough for the first down got open and Brian threaded the needle thats good to see for a young receiver shows maturity, Chad Jackson showing great hands and the ability to make great catches but his ball security has to be better, Joique Bell is going to make this football team hands down and if he doesn't Buddy better do some serious explaining, Poor Ellis Lankster both times had good coverage just didnt get his head around in time, our special teams look piss poor, Brian and Rian look very good but everything else looked terrible, i have a sneaking suspicion that Donovan Woods is going to make this team as a John Corto type player, great run blocking from our third string O Line, Cordaro Howard might makes this team team, Kyle Calloway is huge but very very slow,

It was good to get a win, but more specifically it was good to see us hold onto the Football, and it was Brian Brohm not Trent Edwards putting together drives eating up clock and locking the Colts deep, We don't have to score everytime we touch the football and it was good too see our offense get first downs, keep the clock running and looking efficient at the same time. Hey it's only pre season but this game definatly gives us a little bit of hope.

Im out like a theif in the night


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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