i have this strange feeling that buffalo might go into the season with 4 maybe 5 running backs which would suck for all the fantasy footballers out there joique bell and chad simpson are to valuable to cut simpson can be are return guy with chad jackson or whoever they put back there with him bell is just amazing reminds me of maurice jones-drew tiny quick keeps the feet moving 



my projected notable cut list


qb ryan fitzpatrick -- sorry fella but brohm is a cheaper and better backup

fb corey mcintyre --  rodney ferguson is faster and imo a better blocker 

wr's james hardy -- has the ability just never brought it to the field

naaman roosevelt -- he is a good football player and will be a practice squad player for sure

donald jones -- see above

o-line kirk chambers -- though he brings a veteran experience to this line i feel there are younger better options then him

de  it's a toss up between spencer johnson and john mcarrgo -- what are your guys thought's on this match up ??


linebacker chris kelsey -- chris ellis in my opinion is a far better option out there he is hungry and want to get to the ball at any costs i love to see that in a player


all in all if buffalo carried 5 running backs into the season and ran the ball 60% of the time as long as it's positive yardage and trent manages the game well i see a great season ahead of us


the depth chart as i  see it 


qb  trent edwards brian brohm levi brown

rb fred jackson marshawn lynch cj spiller joique bell chad simpson

fb rodney ferguson

wr 1 lee evans david nelson 

wr2  steve johnson roscoe parrish ( slot )  chad jackson

te jonathan stupar  shawn nelson michael matthews

ot1 demetrius bell  ed wang 

ot2 cornell green  jamon meridth

og1 andy levitre codero howard

center geoff hangarter

og2 eric wood kyle calloway

if you're wondering where easley is i figure they will ir him since he is having knee surgery


de1 dwan edwards alex carrington

de2 marcus stroud  johnson/mccargo

nt kyle williams torell troup

olb1 reggie torbor aaron maybin

olb2  chris ellis danny batten

ilb1 paul poslusney kawika mitchell arthur moats

ilb2 andre davis  antonio coleman  donovan woods

cb1 terrence mcgee leodis mckelvin

cb2 drayton florence ashton youbouty

fs jarius byrd george wilson

ss donte whitner bryon scott

ls garrison sanborn

k rian lindell

p brian moorman

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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