Another Brain Dump

The Buffalo Bills have just finished their 3rd preseason game against the Cincinatti Bengals in what was mostly an up and down affair.  The offense looked good at times, the defense looked vulnerable and the special teams looked mostly below average.  I noticed a few things but wanted other opinions and observations from "the masses". 

I'm going to break these down into sections for the different units.

Special Teams

It's amazing to me the difference between last years unit and this years unit so far.  To say i'm unimpressed would be an understatement.  Ultimately we don't know if they are trying guys out or different tactics, but DeHaven better stop the suck-fest that is our special teams or his unit is going to kill games for us.

The kickers look good, obviously, so i'm not particularly worried about them. 

But, what if our coverage units continue to be terrible?  Do we get to a point where DeHaven should just tell Moorman to kick it out of bounds every time? 

I can't imagine a scenario where kicking a kick off out of bounds is a good idea because of the ball placement at the 40, but if we are routinely giving up kick returns longer than that should we tell Lindell just to kick it out of bounds too? 

Obviously it's way to early to get desperate, but it's something to keep an eye on.  Our coverage units are cover your eyes awful.


Was it me or did Dwan Edwards have a bad game this past game?  I didn't focus on him too much, but when I did I was underwhelmed.

Did anyone pay specific attention to Troup?  I saw a few good penetrations out of him but was focusing on different things at different times...

Our run defense has been awful and our pass defense got shredded by Carson Palmer and Peyton Manning.  I know those 2 are considered as upper echelon QBs - but the lack of a pass rush is going to kill any chance this team has to succeed this season.

I don't want to be doom and gloom on the defense yet because I really didn't see many blitz packages - did anyone else see any blitzes from the starting defense?  If so, what positions were the blitzers coming from? 

I saw Andre Davis have a great stop in the backfield on a well executed blitz - but that was about it.

How many more holding penalties does Drayton have before Leodis is starting?

I think I like George Wilson a lot - probably more than Whitner.  Speaking of Whitner, he needs to stop lowering his head when tackling - he misses tackles and he's got to protect himself better.  Keep your head up man!

A Maybin note - this kid goes all out.  He's young and is going all out on every snap.  He needs time to grow into his body and the NFL in general - but he's got the work ethic that you want in a young player.  He may have been a "luxury pick"  that the Bills couldn't afford - but in a few years he could end up being a great player for us.


CJ Spiller is awesome.  He'll get accustomed to the NFL and the negative runs won't be as frequent, but how can you leave that guy off the field?  You can't - he's too good.

Was it me or did Trent look extremely accurate?  His throws were on the money all night.  He did over throw Lee (how?) but it was another deep shot.  Come to think of it - he threw a lot more intermediate routes than I expected and it was nice.

Speaking of accurate - did anyone else notice the out pattern to Roscoe that was on the sidelines?  On. The. Money. - Roscoe is 5'9 and that was a great, great throw.

Is anyone else excited to have Marshawn and Spiller in the backfield at the same time?  I am stoked - I love me some Fred Jackson - but that position just went from great to something better than great. 

Was that James Hardy's final call?  Or will the Lions game be?

I think Stupar is going to be solid, but unspectacular.  He's going to make some decent plays for us and thats needed.  He's one of those guys that's going to be in the right spot at the right time. 

Anyone else love the screen pass to McIntyre?  Great call.

Is Roscoe in for a bigger year than most of us think?  I know i've seen some bold predictions for him, but he could truly be special in this offense.  He's not going to be Welker, but could be an upgrade from Josh Reed - time will tell.

I'm not sure if Jamon Meredith can play RT, but i'm pretty sure that Cornell Green can't play RT either - so do we put Meredith over there even if he isn't suited for RT?


DeHaven - so this is the guy whos unit is responsible for the biggest ST blunder in Bills history (yes, debatable) and we bring him back?  Ummm - he better pull his head out of the sand quick because color me unimpressed.

Edwards - better have a solution to the massive lanes our run defense is giving RBs.  Better have a solution for getting after the other teams QBs while you're at it. 

Gailey - is that what an offense looks like?  Amazing - it's like I saw crossing patterns, well executed screens and intermediate throws as well as long passing.  I'll have to rewatch because i'm not sure if what I saw actually existed.

Sad question of the day

Will it be Buffalo Bills irony if our offense puts up points on the board this year but our special teams and defense loses us games?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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