Some Interestings Stats to Chew on and a little food for thought

Well, I let myself down and was unable to watch the Cinci vs Buffalo game due to a wedding I had to attend, then after the wediing I got sick,(not self inflected sick, but actually sick) So I was able to sit and watch the NFL network for 2 straight days and was able to form some opinions on some teams I had previously know nothing about, but I will start with the usual and work to some food for thought:

Trent Edwards: 13/17 - 153Yds - 1TD

Brady: 18/22 - 273 Yds - 3TD

Bradford: 15/22 - 189 Yds - 2 TD - Ill say this if this kid plays like he did this game for just 1/2 of the Rams games they will be happy they drafted this kid.

Manning: 15/26 - 214 YDs - 2TD, 1INT

Rodgers: 21/29 - 195 Yds - 3TD - MVP this year, Hands down!!!

Ryan: 134/26 - 103 Yds 1TD, 1INT

Henne: 10/22 - 123 Yds - 1INT

Grossman: 8/16 - 111Yds

Sanchez: 13/21 - 139 Yds 1TD,1INT - I dont know if this is a smokescreen for Sanchez but he looked awful against the SKins and the Skins put a beat down on us aswell but Sanchez has looked awful this pre-season

Rivers: 16/27 - 167Yds - 1TD

Brees: 18/27 - 240 Yds - 2TD

Kolb: 11/25 - 103 Yds 1INT

Cassell: 14/23 85 Yds - 1TD, 1INT

Delhomme:20/25 - 152Yds - 1TD

Stafford: 13/27 - 141 Yds - 1TD

Palmer: 9/11 - 95 Yds 2TD

Garrard: 13/17 - 153 Yds, 1TD

Flacco: 21/34 - 229 Yds - 2TD, 1INT

Romo: 13/18 - 146 Yds - 1INT

Schaub: 18/29 - 183 Yds - 1TD

Favre: 16/26 - 187 Yds - 2INT

Hasselbeck: 9/17 - 126 Yds

Moore - 18/33 - 190 Yds

Anderson: 7/12 - 94 Yds, 1TD

Cutler: 10/20 - 129 Yds - 2INT

Smith: 9/15 - 113 Yds - 1TD

Gradkowski: 14/22 - 202 Yds - 2TD

When your sick and you get to stay home from work and watch football all day its not all bad, i got to watch the Jets vs Redskins, the Panthers vs Titans, and Cardinals vs Bears, so I didnt really get to do alot of scouting but I also watched Total Access twice and got to review some stuff.

Just a few things not Bills related:

1.) If I were a betting man (and I am) I would take the Skins to cover or even win Week 1 vs The Cowboys, they are out of Sync, Romo looks like hes not in the same spot and I think its because his O line is in shambles and being Bills fans we know what a bad offensive Line can do to an offense.

2.) Ive said it week after week but Fantasy players pick up Anthony Dixon as a late RB pickup and you will not be dissapointed this kid got another TD this week and Frank Gore is definatly succeptable to injuries so Id grab him late in any draft, hes going to have a big year even as a backup he run fluently and is just a good runnner.

3.) Mark Sanchez, gets way to much praise for a kid who is as inconsistent as they come, if he didnt have the defense he has the Jets would be in some serious trouble, that being said LT looked like he was 25 again in the game. I know its pre-season but week 3 is as close to a real game as your gunna get and he tore it up look for him in a shared workload to really help Sanchez out in the pass game.

Now to some Bills related stuff:

Trent Edwards after comparing his numbers to othe OB's in the league has looked average not the best but by far not the worst, now Ive said it time in and time out its preseason but its still gives you an idea of what level we can come to expect, Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Joe Flacco have had the best preseason numbers wise and Mark Sanchez, Chad Henne, Matt Ryan, David Garrard, Matt Stafford, Jay Cutler, Matt Hasselback among some others have had a worse preseason then Trent. Now id take that and if you were to tell me before preseason started that, that would be the case I would have laughed so we should be pretty optimistic as a group about Trent.

Our Defense,(now take this with a grain of salt becase like Brian has stated many times its gunna be a pretty Vanilla pre season for this group) has looked very puzziling, the pass defense man to man has looked pretty good with a few miscues along the way, our Zone D has been awful, and our rund d has been hit and miss all preseaon long, which is odd to me because this was a terrific zone base d last year and now we are struggling with it? makes some but not alot of sense to me. The run d i understand the guys up front are still getting used to eating up blockers as oppose to getting through with good penetration and I think that will come with time. But the Man coverage has really impressed me because I feel as a defensive guy this is the hardest thing to adjust to because you no longer have to cover an area you have to cover a man and some receivers in my mind just arent coverable but Darelle Revis showed us last year great man coverage can be the difference in a ball game.

Now if youve made it this far, if you have any points about the Cinci game as I have only seen the highlights about 5 times I would love to hear them.

Afterthought: For a guy that has been ripping Geoff Hangartner all offseason, if you watch both Spillers long distance runs guess who is out front clearing the way, you guessed it Geoff Hangartner, so Geoff I apoligize keep up the good work.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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