Bill's Rookies and Sophomores


          One thing I'm wondering is what rookie will have the biggest impact this year. I am also wondering what 2nd year player will make the biggest impact. I trying to decide between 2 rookies: 1st round pick CJ Spiller, or 2nd round pick Torell Troup. The 2nd year players I'm trying to decide between is 3 sophomores: 1st round pick Aaron Maybin, fellow 1st rounder Eric Wood, or 2nd round pick Jairus Byrd.



RB) CJ Spiller- An explosive runner with speed and agility drafted out of Clemson. Also has the ability to make players miss in the open field, and once he gets into the open field he turns the burners on and leaves you in the dust. The problem with him is that he is holding out and he will have to take some time to learn the plays.

NT) Torell Troup- A 6'3" 315lb. nose tackle out of Central Florida will be looked upon to stop the run by clogging the lanes and drawing double teams from the opposing teams O-line. The only problem with him is that he might not be used to the defense he is in with Chan Gailey and defensive coordinator George Edwards. The other problem is he will be competing with Kyle williams for the NT spot.


OLB) Aaron Maybin- A quick and fast pass rusher drafted out of Penn State in the first round in 09'. He is very good at getting around the corner and pass rushing and some say that switching to the 3-4 defense. The only problem with Maybin is defense against the run, also some people say he has poor work ethic.

OG) Eric Wood- A very talented offensive right guard out of Louisville. He is good at the run protection and is working on his pass protection. He was having a good rookie year until he broke his leg in week 11 against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The only problem with Wood is his leg, also his pass protection.

FS) Jairus Byrd- Jairus is a very quick and very fast ballhawk drafted out of Oregon. He always finds a way to get to the ball and be around the ball, he is also getting better at tackling and I expect him to get more then 10 INTs and atleast 80 tackles next year. The only problem with him is that I'm afraid of him having a sophomore slump or not being healthy.

Those are 5 people I am trying to decide on who will have the biggest impact for the rookies and the 2nd year players. I think they all are very good athletes and are very good players but I don't know who will have the biggest out of them all I'm leaning towards Spiller and Wood, but I'm not sure, comment your desicion down below.

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