Buffalo Bills 2000s Worst-Decade Team - CB1 Selection

About a two and a half months ago MattRichWarren presented us with his Buffalo Bills 2000s All-Decade Team series.  And for about a month we voted on a series of poles to determine who was worthy of being on that team.  But more often than not we also ended up complaining over the limited sometimes horrible talent that we had to pick from for any given position.  So it was about at the TE position that I thought "hey why don't we also vote on the worst players that played for this team over the last decade?"  And so here we are.

Now just like MattRichWarren's series I have a few criteria for players to be eligible for this team.  They had to have played in at least a full season's worth of games in this decade to be eligible.  Starting is not requirement, but you do have to have played significant amounts of snaps in those games.  That means that, for example, the Bills 3rd receiver might make the list, but a 4th or 5th stringer wont be considered.  That means that we wont end up voting for 7th rounders that ended up playing 2 snaps.  These are going to be real players that played real roles on this team over the last ten years.  And just because a player ended up on the All-Decade team does not mean that you can't also be on the worst-decade team.

The corner back position has been a strong one for the Bills over the last decade.  We've seen Antoine Winfield, Pro-Bowlers Nate Clements and Terrance McGee, and future SuperBowl winner Jabari Greer all wear Bills uniforms for extended periods over the last decade.  So just like I had to do with the running back and wide receiver positions I had to dig a bit deeper into the depth chart to find viable candidates for this team, but they were there.  From underachieving first rounders to long time nickel backs to the constantly injured, we've had all of them show us exactly how shallow the DB position has been this decade.  Remember last season was one of the best in Bills history as far as DB's go, but there was an entire decade of average to awful play in front of it.  Here's the list:

Ken Irvin
A forth round draft pick of the Bills in the 1995 draft, Irvin played for the Bills for two season this decade, starting opposite Antoine Winfield in 2000.  In this decade Irvin played in 30 games for the Bills, starting in 20 of them.  He had 3 INTs (for 1 total yard) and 3 passes defended to go along with 67 total tackles.  He lost his starting job to rookie Nate Clements 4 games into the 2001 campaign and was let go by the Bills at the end of that season.  He went on to play 3 more seasons in the NFL, 1 for the Saints and two for the Vikings, before retireing at the end of the 2005 season.

Chris Watson
A third round draft pick of the Broncos in the 1999 draft, Watson joined the Bills in 2000 and stayed with the team for 3 seasons mostly as a nickel and dime back, but still had his share of games started.  He played in 44 total games and started 13 of them, mostly in 2002 as an injury replacement.  He had 2 INT's for 23 yards and 6 passes defended to go along with his 87 total tackles and 3 recovered fumbles as a Bill.  The Bills let him go at the end of the 2002 season, and he never played in the NFL again.

Kevin Thomas
A sixth round drat pick of the Bills in 2002, Thomas stuck around with the Bills for 3 seasons, mostly as a nickel and dime back and on special teams.  He played in 38 games for the Bills, starting 3 of them.  He had 1 INT for 31 yards and 5 passes defended along with 63 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery.  The Bills let him walk after the end of this contract in 2004 and that was the end of his NFL career.

Kiwaukee Thomas
A 5th round draft pick of the Jags in 2000, the Bills signed him him in the 2005-2006 off season to be the Team's nickel back and a mentor to young backs Ashton Youboty and Jabari Greer.  He spent two seasons as a Bill, playing in 25 games and starting 6 of them.  He had his first (and only) career INT in 2007.  He also had 7 passes defended along with 86 tackles in his two seasons as a Bill.  He retired at the end of the 2007 season.

Ashton Youboty
The Bills 3rd round draft pick in 2006, Youboty has shone short flashes but has also been the definition of injury prone as he has never played more than 11 games in a season and has landed on IR in all of his 4 NFL seasons.  In 4 seasons he has only played in 30 games and started 7 of them.  He only has 1 career INT for 19 yards and 7 passes defended to go along with his 56 total tackles, 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble.  He currently remains on the Bills, but him making this year's cut is in no way a guarantee.

Leodis McKelvin
The 11th overall pick of the 2008 draft has been both stunning and stunningly disappointing in his short time as a Bill.  He's played in 19 games, starting in 9 of them and was the starter last year opposite T Mac before landing on IR 3 games into last season.  He has 2 INTs for 64 yards and a TD and 6 passes defended, along with 42 total tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery.  He's currently competing for the starting role opposite McGee, but may be in a losing battle against Drayton Florence who shined while replacing him as a starter last year.

Reggie Corner
The Bills 4th round draft pick of the 2008 draft, Corner has been a good Dime option for the Bills in his last two years, but has proven to be less than average when called upon to do anything more as evidence of his 8 starts last year.  In his two years with the Bills he has played in 28 games, starting 10 of them.  He has 1 INT and 13 passes defended along with 85 total tackles, 1 forced fumble and 1 fumble recovery in his 2 seasons in the NFL so far.  And while being limited in physical gifts, ability and talent, he remains good depth (deep depth) for the Bills and will surely be part of the Bills this season.

There you have it, 7 CB's that have all started games for the bills over the last decade.  It's up to you to decided which one was the worst one.  GO VOTE!

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