Poz's game day notes

Some random notes from the game:

- I never saw a Dick Jauron offense look that bad, what a letdown.

- Roscoe Parrish deserves to play more on offense.

- Trent Edwards didn't get any time for the entirety of the first three quarters. Our offensive line should be ashamed of itself. It is by far and away the weakest link on this entire team. Our tackles in particular were getting smoked. Watching Demetrius Bell get bulldozed as Trent is forced to run for his life one play and then watching Cornell Green just get run around on the next was horrifying. In my humble opinion, the Bills should be on the phone with the Chargers RIGHT NOW, offering a 2nd and 4th for Marcus McNeil. We need to do something, anything, at tackle. If Demetrius Bell and Cornell Green couldn't handle the Dolphins they are going to get Trent killed when they face James Harrison and Lamarr Woodley.

- The first 3 quarters weren't Trent's fault. Actually nothing was Trent's fault except for the fact that he needs to actually throw the ball! When trying to launch a comeback I don't care if you don't have time at least try to throw the ball to someone! Defining moment in this regard? Last play of the game, down by 5, and he throws the ball to a Shawn Nelson on a 6 yard route? Are you kidding me? Throw the ball down the field! He actually go pretty decent protection towards the end but the first 3 quarters understandably destroyed his confidence in his o-line as he was running out of his pocket to his own detriment when he didnt need to in the 4th. Trent can't be running out of the pocket and throwing 7 yards passes when we need to get down the field and score to stay in the game.

- Our defense looks really good. Leodis McKelvin, Donte Whitner, Drayton Florence, Chris Ellis, Aaron Maybin, Dwan Edwards, Paul Posluszny, and Bryan Scott all looked good today.

- Reggie Corner can not be our dime back anymore. Put Ashton Youboty in please. The one time Reggie Corner was on the field in a crucial moment with a chance to make a play, on third down with a receiver who caught the ball 4 yards short of the first down marker in front of him one on one he got shook out of his shoes and had his ankles broken. He let the whole defense down on that play and we all know how good of a tackler Ashton is. He would have made that play. 

- I was disappointed that Chan Gailey abandoned the run so fast in the middle stages of the game. Our offense got three amazing stops by the defense to open the half which put us in field position near the 50 and we went three and out each time. The common denominator? We threw the ball three straight times for nothing. I guess he was trying to show Trent he had faith in him. Well now hopefully he knows better. Chan played a major role in blowing this game. Marshawn and Fred were making big plays before halftime to get us our first points and he completely abandoned our offenses strong suit, our runners and our interior linemen, for our weakest points, asking our QB to throw, our tackles to protect him and then when we did run, running draws, sweeps and tosses and asking our receivers and tackles to hold their blocks. Like I said, lesson learned I hope.

- Another area of disappointment: I thought we were going to get creative putting the ball in Spiller's hands. Running him outside 7 times and having Trent put him in position to get hurt by throwing him 6 passes - 4 of which were caught - in the flat is not creative.

- I like what George Edwards has done with our defense, sending blitzers from all over the place, hanging back when he needs to, hiding his intent presnap, great game by the defense and George Edwards.The only defensive weakness I could see was our pass rush, which was surprising because I thought it would be our run d. However, the pass rush got better as the game went on so hopefully thats a good sign.

Week 1 Grades:

Passing Offense - F

Rushing Offense - D

Passing Defense - A+

Rushing Defense -C+

Special Teams - A-

Offensive Playcalling: F

Defensive Playcalling: B+

Just one humble fans opinion.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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