State of The Union

WOW, over the past week I have never seem so much Doom and Gloom around this football team.

We all sat in a state of pure optimism over the offseason and draft (I know some of us were realists but the majority chose to be optimistic), and now we seem to be in the exact opposite state of mind.

Lets not get ahead of ourselves just yet, Miami is a good football team and a team that i see making the playoffs, could we have beat them week 1, Yes, should we have beat a team that only scored 15 points in our statdium week 1, YES, did we, NO, does this mean the season is completly lossed, NO.

The fact remains Miami is a good football team and they beat a mediocre football team, no ifs ands or buts about it, we lost to a good football team.

Are we going to win this week against a team touted to be a super bowl contender, probably not, but starting out 0-2 really isn't the end of the world, the NFL is a hard league to get a read on there is alot of parity and the chance of any team beating any other team week to week are very good.

Am I on the Marshawn getting shipped out list, YES, because like I have stated many times, I feel we have to many defencies in other spots (TE, OL, LB) to have 3 running backs that are looked at across the league as very good players. Will I put my head down and cry if we don't trade Marshawn, NO, the fact is hes a really good player and having him on this team isn't the end of the world either.

The Buffalo Bills as a unit have to get better, have to grow as a  team, alot of teams have growing pains and I know we have been growing and have had growing pains for about 10 years now but things are changing around here, When was the last time a coach for the Buffalo Bills called out a fan for heckling our poor QB play, When was the last time a coach at the post game press conference called himself out and said the loss was his fault and he will right the ship, When was the last time a Head Coach and GM have come outright and answered any question that Buffalo Bills fans have with the utmost honesty. The thing is we are righting the ship it just takes time, and to be honest we have waited this long, whats another year of mediocrity when the goal is to be great.

I'm not innocent I have my fair share of the Bills suck moments, as I think we all do, but we have to keep our faith and love in this football team because thats what you do for your favorite team. Criticism is welcome because thats what this site is all about critiquing stupid plays and praising the great ones but lets not lose perspective as a whole on what we want from this team and thats to be great and if that takes time I'm willing to wait.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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