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First and foremost, the reason I am writing this post is two-fold, one: this amazing picture that I have never seen before



That. Is. Awesome.

And the second reason I am writing this is because I had an awesome response to poz not too long ago but since it was late and I was tired, instead of pushing the "preview" button I pushed the cancel button.  So here it goes (for those of you that actually care.)

First I'd like to talk about the 2010 offseason.  I think some people around here are starting to miss the point of the 2010 offseason, which was two fold, one, bring in a new head coach to help our anemic offense, and two to transition to the 3-4.  Basically that was the Buffalo Bills offseason in a nut shell.  So it confuses me when people around here lately are about to throw themselves off of a bridge because the Bills lost the opener to the Dolphins.  It's like most people just thought that Chan could come in here hand TE a medal (ala Wizard of OZ) and therefore TE would have the confidence and courage he needed to take this team by the haunches and lead it.  And let me get this out real quick, I like TE.  I think he has the potential to be a really good QB.  That being said, there are many QB's that come around that have great potential and never live up to it.  I don't know TE's problem, I don't know if it was Wilson's hit (although I really hope not, because an NFL QB should be ready for terrifying hits), I don't know if it can all be blamed on coaching (although I think Jauron was a terrible offensive coach and obviously that hindered TE), and I don't know if its just TE not being able to mentally step into that starting role like he should.  Something tells me its the combo that is killing him.  I also have to say that I think TE can bounce back.  More importantly, for his career to have a shot, he needs to bounce back.  

Ok with that out of the way, this organization brought in what they thought was going to be the "offensive guru" in Chan Gailey.  Something that the entire fanbase was clamoring for after watching the Bills offense the past few years which could be best described as inept.  What bugs me is that it seems the majority of these "the sky is falling" posters out there are ready to call him Jauron the 2nd or whatnot.  It was one game people!  Chan even admitted he did a terrible job last Sunday, more than I can remember Jauron saying (but then again i try to block out everything in the Jauron era, so maybe I am misremembering).  Chan should be a run first coach.  He knows this, and even alluded to it when he said that he had "too much" in there last Sunday.  I am not gonna hang a coach out to dry for one game, even if it is against the hated fish.  Chan was this organizations answer to the offensive problem, deal with it, because that is how its gonna be for a few years.  And why was Spiller drafted?  Well because he was an incredible talent that comes along only once every two years or so, and above all the Bills needed a playmaker on offense.  While the Bills had talent on the offensive side, they didn't have that gamebreaker talent to change a game on a single snap.  That was what Spiller was brought in for.

I want to talk a little bit about all the people saying "we need two tackles, or we need a new QB or why didn't the Bills draft better than they did in 2010" and blah blah blah other ramblings about how this team is horribly run.  Here is my take.  Nix came in and thought he had some pretty good talent on the offensive side of the ball.  I mean, I did too, and still do today.  Lee Evans may not be the Steve Smith we want him to be, but with a good QB and a solid number1 or 2 WR on the other side, Evans is a nice weapon to have.  Fred Jackson had just come off his best season as a pro, including breaking a few records, and Marshawn Lynch was in the stable as the bruiser RB with only 2 and half years on the tires.  Trent Edwards had shown flashes of being good, while also showing that he needs a lot of help (something I am sure Nix thought would be handled by Chan).  Looking at the dreaded OLine, the Bills had just drafted two pretty good guards in Eric Wood and Andrew Levitre, had recently signed Hang and had a really young Demetrius Bell and (as of that time) a good RT in Butler.  Thats not a terrible line there folks.  Obviously both Chan and Nix saw things in Bell they liked in order for them to shy away from drafting a tackle in the 1 or 2 round, not matter the reach or "value" (cuz lets face it, if they were as desperate as most of you are, they would have reached and taken a tackle if they truly felt they needed it.)  The only offensive problem where talent was lacking was arguably the WR position, and thus the reason they brought in like 10 guys in for camp to have the good ones float to the top (which they did.)  Because of these factors, Nix took it upon himself to help out the talent on the defensive side of the ball.  The Bills were murdered last year against the run.  

To clarify, the Bills were so bad against the run that on my fantasy football team, I would search for the starting RB that played the Bills or even the backup and start them over whoever I had drafted knowing they would bring in lots of points, and it worked every dang week.  I think Nix looked at the defense and figured it most likely wasn't Fewell's fault, because it seemed that many insiders thought Perry did a pretty good job with the talent he had.  And that right there was the problem, he had very little talent.  Besides the secondary, who played on the Bills defense last year that stood out?  Schobel?  Well I think Nix saw the writing on the wall with that one.....who else?  Poz maybe?  Perhaps Kyle Williams?  Thats sad folks.  Really sad.  So in order to fix this problem Nix spent the majority of the draft, and FA period to shore up and bring in more talent for that defense.  THAT is why Troup was taken in the second and Carrington in the 3rd, THAT is why Edwards and Davis were the two biggest FA acquisitions, and THAT is why they didn't draft a LT or a QB or a (fill in the blank).  The Bills NEEDED to upgrade that front 7.  The talent simply wasn't there.  

That is my opinions and observations of the offseason.  Also, I don't know how to use this "jump" thing, or else I would have used it......

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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