After watching the Nevada game last night, it all makes sense now

While watching the Nevada vs California game last night, a sudden thought dawned on me.  It was like a realization hit me square in the face, and all of a sudden I could see exactly what our braintrust is trying to do. more after the jump

If you've never watched Nevada play, then do yourself a favor and catch them at some point this year.  The offense they run is down right prolific.  Now, part of this is because of the system they use which, if you watched the Bills game last week, you would recognize as the "Pistol Offense".  This is an offense that was created by Chris Ault, the head coach of Nevada.  Chan Gailey was the first to bring this style of offense to the NFL, employing it when he was in Kansas City in 2008 with Tyler Thigpen as his qb.  Here are some qualities we know that Chan Gailey and Buddy Nix look for in a qb, based on their history and comments they've made since January.

Chan's checklist

  1. Loves quaterbacks that are mobile
  2. Loves accurate quarterbacks
  3. Loves quarterbacks that can read defenses
  4. Loves the pistol offense and qbs who can run it (see our first game and the offense he employed in 2008 with Tyler Thigpen)

Buddy's checklist

  1. Quarterback must be a proven winner and can display that over a large body of work (think Phillip Rivers, 50 something career college starts, mvp of bowl games)
  2. Must display he has a strong arm to battle the Buffalo winds

So based on these qualities, what quarterback makes more sense then Colin Kaepernick?  He is 6'6'' and one of the most mobile qb's in college football today.  He posseses great speed and elusive in his running approach.  He litteraly glides like a gazzelle on the field with the long leg strides he takes.  He's in his 5th year of running the pistol offense at Nevada, and could potentially make a seemless transition into the pro game if we were to run this style offense.  He is almost as athletic as Kordell Stewart, but posesses a way more accurate arm and better arm speed.  I sat on my couch litteraly laughing out loud thinking about this possibility as Nevada was taking Cal out behind the woodshed in Reno last night. 

Colin also posseses a ridiculously strong arm, as he was recruited by MLB and would have been drafted if not for the fact they knew he was going to play college football.  He was routinely clocked at 94 mph on the radar gun, and at a college camp this past summer, he had an impressive showing, drawing praise from various NFL and ESPN personel including former NY Giants QB Jesse Palmer who said of Kaepernick, "By far, the strongest arm in the camp".

The writing is on the wall guys, I dont see any way were not drafting him next year.  Try to watch as many Nevada games as you can this year and get a feel for his game.  You'll definitely like what you see out there.  He litteraly looks like a man among boys on the field, and with a little coaching,  I believe could be a dangerous NFL qb.


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