Poz's Postgame Notes: Week 2

Week 2, here we go.

- Last week it angered me, this week it disturbed me. Our tackles are horrific. There was strong resistance to the idea from myself and many other rumblers that Demetrius Bell was just as guilty as Cornell Green last week. So I went out of my way to see if I was missing the solid play that Gailey, Nix and many respected Rumblers were seeing. I either missed it again or Demetrius Bell really is just not a good player. Jamon Meredith is even worse when he's in and Cornell Green is a disgrace. However, I was admittedly wrong about something else big on the offensive line - the interior line. Other rumblers brought to my attention that I was giving Eric Wood, Andy Levtire and Geoff Hangartner a pass that was undeserved and that Trent Edwards was unable to step up into his pocket because of their pass blocking inadequacies. I paid closer attention to the interior line and it appears that the interior line is also guilty of failing to stem a pass rush, there is simply no pocket for Trent Edwards and everyone is to blame. I never played on the offensive line so someone will have to enlighten me if poor tackle pass protection can eventually result in poor interior pass protection or if they are just not doing their job as well. Either way, I am thoroughly dismayed at the fact that so far, our offensive line looks - somehow, some way - worse than last years. 


- I forget who pointed it out last week but they are dead on - our receivers stink. If it sounds like I'm trying to free Trent Edwards of any blame, I assure I am not. But it doesn't change the fact that Edwards might actually be Chad Pennington efficient on a good team while our receivers and offensive line are simply bad. Steve Johnson really has been a letdown. He got so much love from the fans - myself included - and we seem to have gotten ahead of ourselves. He doesn't run good routes and that interception he caused was unacceptable and killed the game for us. He was going to get leveled if he caught it but he can not let that ball stay in the air longer than necessary, especially against that defense. Lee Evans didnt even bother showing up and this is coming from a guy who never puts him down. In fact, wait for it, Roscoe Parrish has looked like our most reliable receiver through week 2. I'm also disappointed in the tight end position. What a hodge podge of nothingness our passing game is.


- Trent last week I don't have any judgments to make. Again, not saying he would be a good QB in a better situation just saying its impossible to formulate any opinions of a guy playing in these conditions. He has zero time, has no pocket, and his receivers are not getting open. You know the line is bad when Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson and CJ Spiller - with all their talent - are consistently stuffed for negative losses every other run.


- Ok, the negativity aside, I thought Gailey was much better calling plays today. He mixed it up well with run and pass and called an overall nice game. With some talent on the offensive side I can see Gailey really drawing up some fun plans.


- Another good note on offense, Beast Mode is back. I believed after Gailey and Nix were adamant that Lynch wasn't going anywhere it was because they were making an effort to make him feel wanted and part of the teams long term plans so that he would sign an extension here long term to team with CJ as the perfect compliment. I think they backed those words up with action by starting Beast Mode and giving him a heavy workload, to the teams benefit. Either that or they are advertising him to get more in a trade. I believe the former but you never know. As for Lynch, he just did what he has always done in Buffalo, give the offense something to try and build off of despite having no help from his offensive line. I think he should be the starter moving forward. Fred looked good too.


- I think Gailey figured out that Marshawn and Fred have been here long enough to have figured out how to run without lanes. CJ will eventually get it. Until then, keep using him in the passing game. He'll figure it out, and when he does he'll be a heck of a player.


- The defense looked great again. I know, I know what the final score was but eventually the dam cracked and then burst against arguably the most explosive offense of 2010. They did their part for an entire half but that is never going to be enough when your offense is as lifeless as ours. They didn't get any breathers, in fact, just like last week, they had one extended drive that enabled them to get some much needed rest. You can't keep sending your defense out against the offenses we have on our schedule without some rest and some points to back them up. We are asking the impossible.


- Donte Whitner dropped a pick six that would have been huge but otherwise looked pretty good in my opinion. He was matched up inappropriately on Jermichael Finley on a big gainer but otherwise held his own.


- I think I like Marcus Stroud at DE better than DT. 


- I thought that our OLBs would be able to take advantage of the Packers tackles but that didn't happen, in fact, I didn't see much of a pass rush at all and when we did get close to Rodgers he was composed and collected, give the man credit. Hes tough.


- This team is boring. Thats my final thought. I've never been bored watching the Bills play. EVER. For the first time in my life I am bored watching this team. In fact, the only time I get excited is when the defense comes out on the field. The offense is just boring. Trent takes the snap, green jersey's are bearing down instantly, steps up and away from the first defender, gets hit high and hard by the second, goes down for a loss of 5. Sound familiar? Or how about, 3 and 13, Trent takes the snap, the edge protection gets run around the outside, Trent steps up into a pocket that has already been penetrated, scampers outside of the pocket to keep the play alive, looks down field while running to the sideline while being chased by a DE as Demetrius Bell is helpless to compensate, no receivers are open, runs three yards down the sideline for a slight gain ducks out of bounds, we punt. Seen that a lot too right?


- I still think we looked better than week 1, I honestly do. Better play calling, better running, good defense. We just played a much better team that has too much talent for us to handle. As Brian's headline said we were overwhelmed. But I still hope we can still keep showing signs of getting better both from the coaches and the players.

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