NFL teams & QB position entering 2010 season

NOTE:  I posted this a few days ago, but it was deleted because it was off topic…but it was received well in that short time, so mind as well re-post.

A look at teams and their quarterback situation entering the 2010 season…

Okay, so going into the 2010 season, there were many teams “set” at quarterback…”set” meaning a dependable, veteran, decent at worst starter.  Many of these guys are “Franchise QBs”; while the rest are on their way to being Franchise QBs or were at some point in their careers but may be trending downward.  Let’s call this “group 1”.  The teams in group 1 were:

New England – Tom Brady

Cincinnati – Carson Palmer

Baltimore – Joe Flacco

Pittsburgh – Ben Rothleisberger

Houston – Matt Schaub

Indy – Peyton Manning

Jacksonville – David Garrard

San Diego – Phil Rivers

Dallas – Tony Romo

New York GiantsEli Manning

Chicago – Jay Cutler

Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers

Minnesota – Brett Favre

Atlanta – Matt Ryan

New Orleans – Drew Brees

Seattle – Matt Hasselbeck


If a team didn’t fit into group 1, then they may fit into “group 2”.  Group 2 are teams who had inexperienced, but talented QBs (usually high drafts picks, often 1st rounders) who are in need of game experience, and thus, teams start them hoping to see improvement each and every game.  NFL front offices believe their QB can ascend to group 1 status, with experience.  Group 2 entails:

New York JetsMark Sanchez (5th overall pick)

Miami – Chad Henne (57th overall pick)

Tennessee – Vince Young (3rd overall pick)

Kansas City – Matt Cassell (7th round pick)

Philadelphia – Kevin Kolb (36th overall pick)

Detroit – Matt Stafford (1st overall pick)

Tampa Bay – Josh Freeman (17th overall pick)

Arizona – Matt Leinart (10th overall pick)

San Francisco – Alex Smith (1st overall pick)

St. Louis – Sam Bradford (1st overall pick)


If teams did not have a group 1 or 2 quarterback, then they had to make a move to try and upgrade their talent at the game’s most important position.  Here is what the rest of the teams did to upgrade their quarterback positions going into the 2010 season (final roster), let’s call this “Group 3”:

Cleveland – Acquired Jake Helhomme, drafted Colt McCoy in 3rd round.

Denver – Drafted Tim Tebow in 1st round.

Oakland – Acquired Jason Campbell.

Washington – Acquired Donovan McNabb.

Carolina – Drafted Jimmy Clausen in 2nd round.


Well friends, that is 31 or 32 NFL teams.  The only team that doesn’t fit neatly into one of these categories?  You guessed it….Frank Stallone!  Err, The Buffalo Bills!

So what happened?  Did Buddy Nix believe that Trent Edwards fit into group 2?  If so, Trent would be the guy in that group drafted with the 2nd lowest draft choice (Matt Cassell drafted in 7th round was the lowest draft pick in that group) since Trent was selected in the 3rd round.  Not that draft position matters much after the draft….but still….was Buddy Nix trying to get Trent Edwards more experience in the hopes that he could move into group 1?

I hope so.  *Because if not, then the Buffalo Bills were the only NFL team to not have a proven starter (group 1), not have a potential franchise QB in need of game experience (group 2) and came into the 2010 season with the exact same group of quarterbacks that they ended the 2009 season with.* 


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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