How long will it take for Maybin to develop?

I expected Packers to give us a spanking this weekend, not a very big surprise.  The only good news is that I am in a survival pool and I should be able to stay in it for a while because I intend on betting against my beloved Bills for most of the season.  I am a realist, we need to hit rock bottom before climbing back up and I think this year will be the bottoming out year.  All I ask is to see improvements where we've invested in the past few years,

Power Running game:   Lynch (2007#12), Spiller (2010#9), Wood (2009#28) and Levitre (2009#51)

Passing Defense:  McKelvin (2008#11), Maybin 2009(#11), Byrd (2009#42), Paul Posluszny (2007#34)


I don't know about you guys but WOW, Clay Matthews is exiting to watch, he's a beast!  And it is increasingly difficult for me to watch all these players (that we had the chance to draft) develop into into defensive centerpieces while our first rounder from 2009 continues to count the daisies on game day.  At what point do we start to use the word bust?

We used a #11 on the great Aaron Maybin, a guy who has now played in 20 games, has managed a total of 0 sacks, 0 PDs, 0 INTs, 1 FF, 8 AssT and a whoping 12 SoloTs

Clay Matthews yesterday had 3 sacks, 5 AssTs & 5 QHs.  His career totals are:  played in 18 games, 16 sacks, 8 PDs, 0 INTs, 2FF, 14 AssTs and 49 SoloTs  -  Who thinks he was a steal at #26?

Brian Cushing has played 18 games, has 5 sacks, 10PDs, 4INTs, 2FFs, 47AssTs and a cool 87 SoloTs - Was he worth the #15th overall pick?

Brian Orakpo who has played in 17 games has 11 sacks, 3PDs, 0INTs, 1FF, 14 AssTs and 38 SoloTs


Some might say that we need to give the kid time to develop and that Maybin is only 22 years old but I would answer that maybe we shouldn't be drafting guys this young, maybe we should be targeting seniors, guys that can come in and make a quicker impact?  Even so, drafting a young guy should not have to be this painful to watch!

It's hard for me to comprehend how we could pass on all three of those guys, thinking that Maybin would be superior.  Not only did we pass on Cushing once but we actually passed on him twice because we had the power to move up a few slots and still get him but we didn't.  Don't get me wrong, I love Eric Wood and I think he's going to become a fine football player and will be a Buffalo Bill for a very long time but he's no game changer!  A guy like Matthews absolutely terrorizes opposing offenses and can single-handedly affect the game plan.

Even the other guys like Larry English, Robert Ayers and second rounders like Everett Brown, Connor Barwin and even Paul Kruger all have produced more than Aaron Maybin.  At what point go we start using the word Bust? 

Isn't it normal to want to see some improvement from week to week?  At what point does it become acceptable to call him a Bust?  Better yet, at what point do we pull the plug and move on?  How can we expect to win football games against high powered passing attacks when our best hope for a sack is our Nose tackle?  Kyle had two penalties yesterday but I'll tell you folks, he's a hustler and he's really trying his best to get into the backfield and be disruptive - it's too bad his heart couldn't be placed into Maybin's body because we'd have one hell of a player.

Right now Maybin is taking up a valuable spot on our 53 man roster.  Given that this will be our bottoming out year, I am personally willing to give him the remainder of the year but if he does not start showing us why we wasted such a high draft pick on him soon, I'll be willing to throw in the towel and scratch him off as a failure and a bust!

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