Depressed Ramblings


Several things occurred to me last night as I thought about the organization.  I am sure none of these thoughts are new to any of you, but I wanted to get these off my chest.


1.      Why on Earth were our young players not getting some playing time yesterday when the game got out of hand?  I think Maybin, Ellis, Moats, Troup, Spiller, etc. could have gained some valuable experience getting significant reps in the fourth quarter.  I think it is very poor decision making to miss the chance to get these guys reps against Green Bay’s starters.

2.      I go back to my pre-draft thought that drafting Spiller was the WORST possible selection.  Again, I am not saying that he’s not a huge talent or that he won’t end up being a fantastic player.  But first round RB’s are a luxury pick for teams that are already good and need a final piece of the puzzle.  Not for bad teams, with bad offensive lines, bad quarterbacks and TWO other good running back options.  I sure hope CJ is appreciably better than Best.  Otherwise it will make this pick look really bad.  Not only is a first round pick RB a luxury, it is not difficult to find very good RB’s in later rounds.  Look at Ray Rice, Lesean McCoy, etc. 

3.      And if we are going to pick him at #9, please explain to me how he gets ONE carry yesterday.  ONE, seriously?  Marshawn had some decent holes (occasionally) to run through yesterday.  I would have loved to see what Spiller could have done with those because he obviously has speed that Marshawn doesn’t.  But there CJ was, sitting on the sidelines.

4.      The Marshawn situation still drives me crazy.  If it is true that we could have had a 3rd round pick for Lynch before the draft, it is very frustrating to me that we didn’t take it.  If you are going to draft Spiller, then you trade Marshawn or Fred.  This three RB situation is not good for any of them.  I don’t care if Nix thinks Marshawn is worth a 2nd, you take the best offer you can get for the guy because news flash, we need a LOT of players and have a LOT of holes to fill.  Third round draft picks are extremely valuable in building a franchise.  And instead of having a third round pick on our roster right now gaining valuable experience, we have Marshawn taking carries away from our top pick.

5.      I am quickly losing confidence in Chan Gailey’s offensive expertise.  Maybe he’s just being coy with the media, but for him to say that he doesn’t have any answers right now is pretty scary to me.  The play calling looks very curious over the first two games.  Especially the protection schemes they are using.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that we need to improve our pass protection.  But I certainly haven’t seen any creative schemes from Chan to improve the protection.  I watch a lot of other teams using their RB’s to chip the outside rushers before they go out in their patterns.  I haven’t seen much of that from our team yet.  And what happened to some of the max protect schemes we saw in the preseason?  Come on Chan, I am not expecting miracles on offense, but I did expect to see some improvement from prior years.  Not the same old crap we’ve seen for a long time.

6.      I really think Whitner is my least favorite player.  I am not saying he’s terrible, but he is average at best.  He is always a step late in coverage and in run support.  I’d much rather see George Wilson playing instead of Donte.  I have no idea what they see in Whitner.  He never makes an impact in a game.

7.      And boy does it pain me to look back at our drafting.  Part of why I dislike Whitner is because I wanted Ngata so bad that year.  I know that isn’t Whitner’s fault, but every time I see Whitner jump on a pile after the player is down or when I see him get burned in coverage again, all I can think about is what a beast Ngata is.  And jeez, don’t get me started on Maybin.  To think that we passed on Oher (who was my pick), Orakpo, Cushing and Mathews for Maybin.  Yikes, that is just a disaster. 

8.      I am SOOOOOOO curious to see how Clausen plays for Carolina.  If he shows signs of being a future star, I think I will jump out of my office window.  I understand if OBD didn’t think he could be a star, then don’t pick him in the second round.  But, if he does become a star, then someone needs to be fired immediately.  Even if you don’t take Clausen, how do you not select a QB before round 7?  It really pains me to know that we don’t even have a developmental QB on our practice squad.  With our QB situation, it is unfathomable to me that we don’t have a developmental guy on our roster. 

9.      I am not sure who wanted to sign Cornell Green, but that person should be concerned for their job.  I remember when we signed him, I read a ton of comments from Raiders fans laughing at us.  They all knew how terrible he was, how could our front office not see it? 

10.  I am honestly hoping for 0-16 now.  I want to make sure we get the #1 pick next year.  That is about the only thing that will bring me any excitement for 2011.  I wish I were a Rams fan.  How exciting is it to watch Bradford develop?  He already looks like he’s got a bright future.  But I know we’ll find a way to win 4-5 games this year and we’ll pick at #6.  And we’ll continue our path of woes as we forever search for a decent QB and offensive line. 

11.  I want something to be excited about for this team.  Can someone give me anything to be excited about?  I kind of got excited about Spiller in the preseason.  Other than him, we have no dynamic players to be hopeful for.  We don’t have a young QB, a great pass rusher (heck, we don’t even have an ok pass rusher), or anyone else to look forward to watching on game day.   It is actually quite depressing as honestly, the only thing I can even hope to get excited about is the 2011 NFL Draft.  And that is quite sad.

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