Post-Beatdown Rumblings

After having a day to digest the awful performance that the buffalo Bills put on yesterday, there are many things that were killing me.  First and foremost...How can any team in the NFL seem so inept?  Sure, teams like Cleveland and Detroit are both 0-2, and probably are gonna be at the bottom of the barrel, but at least they are some what competitive.


-The Bills have 352 total yards of offense.  There are only two teams below them...New Orleans and San Fransisco(both teams who only have played 1 game so far!!).  178 yards passing!!! Sure the run game hasn't looked awful, but when a team is being dominated so badly on one side of the ball, everyone loses confidence and tends to play worse.

-The Defense.  I love our defensive backs, for the most part.  In the first week, Brandon Marshall was held to minimal damage.  This week, Greg Jennings and Donald Driver were held to a combined 7 catches and 75 yards.  So far so good.  What kills the bills is their OLB having to cover athletic TE's.  To watch a 260lb Chris Kelsay chasing Jermichael Finley from 5 yards behind as he goes for over 100 yards was embarrassing.  How can we compete with teams in the NFL with such mismatches at such an integral part of the game.

-Next, our D-line.  I LOVE Kyle Williams.  The guy plays his heart out every game.  That said, he isn't made to be a NFL nose tackle.  As much as we heard about Torrell Troup in the Pre-season, I haven't seen or heard from his guy yet.  Stroud and Edwards aren't the worst DE's in the NFL, but one of those guys needs to start getting some pressure or our DB's will have no chance.  Watching the Colts and the Giants last night, it kills me to see teams have 2 pro-bowl-Esq DE's (Mathis/Freeney and Umenyiora/Tuck/Kiwanuka) yet the bills can't have 1 guy who can even get pressure.

-Marshawn Lynch.  I hope to god that this guy gets traded.  Not because he's an idiot, or because he's not good or anything like that.  Only because it better be the reason he was pretty much the sole running back involved in the Bills rushing attack yesterday.  Fred Jackson, the Bills workhorse last year, had 9 rushes, and a better YPC then Lynch did.  Spiller, the Bills biggest preseason investment, had 1 carry.  1 CARRY!! How do the bills expect this guy to do anything, get any rhythm going, with only one carry?  He looked good on kick returns...let the guy get a chance to run the ball.

         Hopefully it works out for the bills and we get something that will help improve our defense or a tackle to help with our miserable offensive line.

-QB's.  First off, if Chan Gailey really is hell bent on keeping Trent as his starter, why the hell is he still in the game getting beat up by Clay "Cyborg"Matthews with 2 minutes left in the game?  Unless he was hoping for a concussion so that he didn't have to continue making excuses for trent?

I commented earlier in a different post about it.  Its pretty obvious to me, and hopefully the Bills front office that our QB's don't have what it takes to be a good NFL starting QB.  Trent doesn't have the vision needed to be an NFL QB.  He's getting gun shy in the pocket (not that I can blame him), and when he does have the time to throw, he's to busy anticipating the sack, that he can't complete a pass.  He has terrible decision making.  I understand that we have weak WR's, but is it possible for every team to shut down all of our WR's every play?  I doubt it. 

If they are settling with what we have for this year, and planning to upgrade in the draft or offseason then fine, I guess, whatever. 

 But why not trade for a young QB with more upside then what we have right now.  Tony Pike is a clone of Ryan Mallett (the guy many people, including me, would love the bills to draft).  He's a backup in Carolina. Can he really be worse then Fitzpatrick or Edwards?  What about Brady Quinn?  He's the odd man out in Denver, and I'm sure they would be willing to part with him for something..  There are so many more guys in the NFL with so much more potential and upside then what our QB's have..yet we settle for these awful, awful qb's.

Finally... the offensive line.  Wood is a good guard.  Levitre is good enough, as is Hangartner.  Our tackles are pretty miserable though.  Edwards had very little time in the pocket before he would have to either step up to avoid getting hit, or scramble out side of the tackles. Clay Matthews killed the bills, but as bad as it was, many of times he got to the QB, the packers weren't using difficult blitz packages.  He was just running through/past out line.  Its no secret that a good line will make everyone on offense better, and until the bills can improve that, they better get comfortable sleeping in the cellar of the NFL.

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