With the way the Bills are playing, Dump is a very apt title

A few things I have on my mind.

- I can honestly say that I saw this season coming. That said it is still kinda tough to stomach. I claimed and still stand by the fact that all I want to see this year is improvement as the season progresses. Well, it should be very easy to improve over this garbage we have been seeing. I have gotten to the point where I don't even care if this team loses or not. I just want to see them be competitive.

- Spiller has to touch the ball more. Brian just posted something about this and I totally agree. Why draft a guy that high and then barely give him the ball?

- Does the national media remember how bad Mike Vick sucked before he went to jail? I understand that he is playing very well right now, but he did that at times with the Falcons. I keep hearing all the same stuff. "Nobody has his ability", "Nobody changes the game like him", and my favorite, "He is the hardest QB in the league to plan for." All of this very same stuff was said about Vick before he went to jail. He also stunk for long stretches of time with the Falcons. Do they think that his time in jail made him a better QB? I bet he will have some good games, earn himself a starting job somewhere, then start to play poorly just like he did in Atlanta.

- I want to say thank you to Tim Hightower, Donovan McNabb, and Clinton Portis for having good games for me and picking up Chris Johnson's slack to help me win my FF game this week.  I also want to thank Ryan Mathews and Mike Turner for getting hurt and not returning to their games. If Kevin Kolb and Shonn Greene had given me anything better then the combined -1 they gave me last week I would be 2-0.

- Am I the only one who thinks Lee Evans is vastly overrated? I know that he is held back by the crappy offense but when I hear somebody say that he is a top talent at WR in the league I can't help but wonder if we are watching the same guy.

- speaking of Bills WRs, is there any doubt that this team needs at least 2 veteran WRs this off-season? I am not saying that WR is a top need, not by any stretch, but it is clearly a need.

- Is baseball still being played? I haven't cared less about baseball in a long time. It isn't even because my team stinks, they have stunk many times before and I have still cared. I simply have zero desire to watch any baseball what-so-ever.

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