Paullies Got Something To Say - Kinda a Mind Dump with Agression

1.) We Ran the ball very Well Sunday, and we should have no qualms with our running attack, I have said it before and I will say it again we have the Best backfield in the league Personnel wise, and we need to address this, Trade Marshawn for picks and/or OL Buddy, and do it now, Freddy was by far the best runner Sun and I hope and pray to god we were playing Marshawn for a preview for other team looking for a RB ( NYG, GB and Seattle). I love Marshawn and really thought he played well but Freddie is the better back and Spiller need touches having 3 is not going to work, especially if we want Spiller to get some expierence.

2.) Our Passing game is god awful and isn't going to get any better any time soon, I have never gone on record and said this before but Trade Lee Evans for an OLB who can cover and rush to a team in the NFC and let him be the reciever he can be. Even get picks for Lee, hes a great talent a could really be utilized in the right system.

3.) We are the Bills and should not be compared to the Lions or any other team for that matter the Lions sucked for a long time and accumulated really high picks which the Bills have not been able to do, the Lions have had a top 5 pick 6 of the last 7 years, The Bills have not had a top 5 pick in the last 10 years and it's really starting to show, also the ability to have a good draft has also haunted thie organization for a while now and minus a few player the Bills have drafted very poorly where the Lions aside form a few have drafted relativley well (Calvin Johnson, Roy Williams, Suh,) I didnt list Stafford because in my mind he hasnt proven a thing.

4.) The inability of this teams front office to go out an aquire new talent is really starting to get to me, why cant we trade and come out on the good side of a deal for once. Every team that finished with a record the same or worse then the Bills have made strides where we have gone backwards. ( The Lions with Vanden Bosch and others, The Bucs releasing mistakes and trading to get players like Winslow, Seattle with Whitehurst, The Raiders with Cambell, The Cheifs getting Cassel, Thomas Jones) These teams are trying to get better Buffalo seems to just stand pat, other then T.O. name one significant free agent signing, and no I do not count Davis or Edwards as a significant signing while there signings helped these guys are not stand out players!

5.) I will not be doom and gloom about being 0-2 we have played 2 teams that are 2-0, one being quite possibly the best team in the league and the other being a team that has gone on the road 2 weeks in a row and beat the daylights out of 2 teams physically, 2 goaline stands against Adrian Peterson is something that should not be taken lightly, and I will send my apoligies out to Yeremiah Bell who aside from Troy Palamalu is probably the best safety in the AFC.

6.) I wish this were a video game becuase if it were i would make 5 or 6 very unrealistic trades and right this ship right now.

7.) Chan I believe in you, you are trying the best with what you have but if we don't get this figured out people are going to be calling for your head, Get CJ the ball in spots where he can make things happen, run more quick slant with Lee Evans and David Nelson and keep pounding Marshawn and Freddie and good things will happen. Lets not forget Green Bay was # 2 in the league last year in overall D, they know how to get to the QB, and Miami obviously is no slouch and this week we have New England which looked decent week 1 but got exposed by Mark "Overrated" Sanchez and I say overrated because this guy seems to get more press then Drew Brees, and lets be honest Mark Sanchez couldnt even clean Drew Bree's Cleets.

Im mad at the fact we have depth and we are not turning that depth into balance, Buddy do something to make this season positive even if we lose 14 games, just do something to give us hope, your a football guy with a serious football backround make something happen and make it happen before the season is over. 1 Move just 1 move thats all I ask I know you have it in you I know it.


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