Random emotional complaints

I point out that my complaints are "random" because there’s no thread tying them together (except that they’re about the Bills) and that they’re "emotional" because they’re the product of anger and frustration rather than research and analysis, which will probably make my forthcoming complaints easily refutable by the more astute and better informed observers on this blog.

 - Is anyone else baffled by how little playing time Spiller got? I realize Lynch and Jackson, performed competently but, jeez, you’d like to see your ninth overall pick do more than return kicks and get called in for screens on every 3rd and 18.

- Some members have remarked that we had a “good” pass rush in week one, citing our three sacks. I don’t think that a few sacks necessarily constitute a good pass rush. Consistent hurries, knockdowns, pass deflections AND sacks constitute a good pass rush. We’ve had nothing of the sort the past two weeks.

- I have no opinion on Troup or Carrington, or hardly any members of this past year’s draft because, hell, I’ve hardly seen them on the field. Why do we even have Troup? Kyle Williams has been the only defender in the front seven who shown us any sign of life—why can’t he be our NT of the future? It’s not like he’s old or anything. The past two weeks have exposed just how many holes this team needs to fill to be competitive. I totally understand (and agree) with Nix’s rebuilding strategy: fill a hole if you can, but upgrade a position if there’s no one worthy of the pick. But c’mon… There must have been some C, RT, WR, TE, LB, etc. etc. etc. worthy of picks 9, 41, and 72.

- I am no Maybin basher. And I will be the last to judge and call it quits on a 13-year-old, second-year player. Of course there will be a time to cast judgment, but for now I just want to say I’m very concerned that George Edwards sees it necessary to give Reggie Torbor—not Schobel or some other league-respected pass rusher—almost all the reps that Maybin—in a perfect, happy, and sensible world—ought to be getting.

- I think it’s great that our scouting department found and signed a whole bunch of undrafted players, but I’m beginning to think that they’re on the team less because of sagacity and tireless research and more because the actual people we draft are stunningly inept. 

- We keep getting told that we have two solid, promising guards, an average center, and now we’re being told that Bell is going to be the future at LT. From what I saw—and, again, I’m no professional analyst, nor have I carefully re-watched the games—but the problem is a lot more than just Cornell Green. I struggle to think of a suitable analogy to describe just how quickly our O-line crumbles. Perhaps that’s because they are precedent-less-ly bad and all other comparisons cannot quite capture just how dangerous being in that pocket is. Someday, perhaps, authors will allude to the 09-10 Bill O-line when the “jaws of death” just doesn’t cut it when they’re seeking words to describe their protagonist’s inescapable predicament.

 - Lastly, on a completely unrelated note, I motion that the phrase “everyone’s entitled to their own opinion” be banished from Rumblings. The phrase just makes no sense. Does anyone really think that we aren’t entitled to our own opinion? Why do we see it necessary to point this out? Please excuse the nitpickiness, fellow Rumblers. Mondays, I guess, are just a little less cheery when the Bills get embarrassed.

Go Bills…

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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