Buffalo Bills 2000s Worst-Decade Team - Worst Player Selection

At the beginning of May MattRichWarren presented us with his Buffalo Bills 2000s All-Decade Team series.  And for about a month we voted on a series of poles to determine who was worthy of being on that team.  But more often than not we also ended up complaining over the limited sometimes horrible talent that we had to pick from for any given position.  So it was about at the TE position that I thought "hey why don't we also vote on the worst players that played for this team over the last decade?"  And so here we are.

Now just like MattRichWarren's series I have a few criteria for players to be eligible for this team.  They had to have played in at least a full season's worth of games in this decade to be eligible.  Starting is not requirement, but you do have to have played significant amounts of snaps in those games.  That means that, for example, the Bills 3rd receiver might make the list, but a 4th or 5th stringer wont be considered.  That means that we wont end up voting for 7th rounders that ended up playing 2 snaps.  These are going to be real players that played real roles on this team over the last ten years.  And just because a player ended up on the All-Decade team does not mean that you can't also be on the worst-decade team.

This is it folks, the poll we've all been waiting for: WORST PLAYER OF THE DECADE!

Let's face it folks we've had a lot of bad horrible players on this team over the last decade.  A lot of them made us puke in disgust and even more of them stayed around way too long while stinking up the place.  But we've also had a few of them that have bee a special kind of awful.  I'm talking about those that not only were horrible, but also set the franchise back for years not only at their position, but also for the team as a whole.  Those special players that made us scream profanities and cry for our team.  The breed of player that has truly earned the moniker of "worst of the decade."

Now let me make this clear, I'm not only including play on the field for this list (although that is what got the biggest consideration),  I'm also considering draft status and how far these players set back the success of this team as a whole.  So without farther adieu, the worst 5 Bills players of the decade:

QB Rob Johnson (2000-2002)
Johnson was drafted in the 4th round in 1995 by the Jacksonville Jaguars.  And after a good season as a backup for the Jags in 1997 the Bills trade a 1st and a 4throunder for him.  In this decade Johnson played for the Bills in 2000 and 2001, participating in 21 games, while starting in 20.  He had 522 attempts with 309 completions that were good for 3590 yards.  He also had 17 TD's and 14 INT's.  In those games Johnson also led the Bills to a lowly 5 -14 record.  Robosack earns his spot on this list for three main reasons.  1 - His absolute horrible play at QB.  2 - What he cost us in both draft picks and salary, and 3 - What cost us in terms of the quality players that we let go in favor of keeping him (yes I'm still bitter that we let Flutie walk!).  He'd also be on here for how far back he set this team back if it wasn't for the Bills trading for Drew Bledsoe (although that trade did cost us a 1st rounder).  Robosack, you were HORRIBLE!!!!!

DE Erik Flowers (2000-2001)
The Bills first round draft pick, 26th overall, in 2000, Flowers only played 2 seasons for the Bills and could easily be considered the Bills worst draft flop of the decade if Mike Williams hadn't come around.  In Flowers' 2 seasons with the Bills he played in 31 games, starting only 6 of them.  He had a total of 41 tackles, 4 sacks, 1 INT, and 1 forced fumble.  The Bills released Flowers at the end of the 2001 season and he signed on with the expansion Houston Texans, where he couldn't even muster a start and only registered 1 tackle assist in 16 games played.  A waist of a first round pick is never a good thing, even if it's the 26th overall, but not even being able to last 2 years with the team is inexcuseable, I mean even Mike Williams stayed with the Bills for 4 seasons!

OT Mike Williams (2002-2005)
Speaking of Williams... the Bills drafted him 4th overall in 2002 and he quickly became the epitome of a waisted draft pick.  He was drafted to be the Bills LT for the next decade, but never actually played the position and was released by the team after 4 truly horrible seasons at RT (think Cornell Green horrible).  Williams played 51 games for the Bills, starting 47 of them.  In the 3 seasons where Williams was a starter for the Bills the team rushed for between 1,596 and 1,874 yards and gave up 54, 51 and 38 sacks, in that order.  That 54 sacks allowed 2002 season was a decade high for the Bills.  Williams was benched 5 games into the 2005 season in favor of a young promising OT by the name of Jason Peters.  Williams always had the talent to be one of the all-time greats in the NFL, unfortunately his love for hamburgers was just that much greater.  Personally I rank him as the third worst draft pick of all time behind JaMarcus Russell (1) and Ryan Leaf (2).

QB J.P. Losman (2004-2008)
Drafted in the 1st round of the 2004 draft.  He sat the bench for the first year, backing up Drew Bledsoe.  He then went on to start games in the next 4 seasons for the Bills.  He had 941 attempst for 558 completions and 6211 yards.  He had 33 TD's and 34 INT's and a 10-23 record.  The Bills let him walk in favor of QB Trent Edwards at the end of the 2008 season.  Another bad first round pick, Losman makes this list for multiple reasons, but mostly for losing his starting job to Trent freakin` Edwards!  Even TE's win loss record is better than Losman's!

C Melvin Fowler (2006-2008)
After having 3 first rounders and a horrible trade-and-sign on this list I thought that it would be fair to also include at least one free agent signing.  Cue Melvin Fowler.  Drafted by the Browns in the 3rd round of the 2002 NFL draft, Fowler played 3 seasons for the Browns and one season for the Dolphins (all as a backup) before joining the Bills in 2006.  He spent 3 seasons with the Bills, playing in 47 games and starting in 37 of them, losing his starting job to Duke Prestin 5 games into the 2008 season.  In his 3 years here the Bills rushed for 1552, 1800 and 1842 yards and allowed 47, 26, 38 sacks in that order.  Fowler was released at the end of the 2008 season.  Fowler is the only player on this list that is ONLY here for what he did on the field.  I mean when a team (rightfully) chooses Duke Preston as the starter at centre over you then you truly are one of the worst players at your position.  Possibly ever.

Well there you have it, the last poll of the series, and possibly the most enfuriating one.  These guys were that special type of horrible that could even make you question your loyalty as a fan.  The one good thing is that none of these guys are still with the team.

Now rec this thing so it stays up for a while (please) and go vote for the last time (FINALLY!!!!).

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