Opening Day: My first NFL & BUFFALO Game

Okay so I took the 6+ hour drive on opening day to see the Bills play Miami.  I traveled with 6 (yes, SIX) Dolphin fans.  We arrived in Buffalo around 2PM on Saturday afternoon. 


We checked into the Holiday Inn Express and proceeded to head to the Anchor Bar.  To my surprise, the place was LOADED with 20+ Miami fans who were all cheering for the Miami Hurricanes.  The wings were very crunchy and good.  Not soggy at all.  Overall a very nice experience.


We asked the waitress where the hot spot was and she told us to go to Mulligans on Allen Street.  The bar was quite big with a pool table and lots of Bills signs around.  We got there around 8PM Saturday night and there were only about 6 people in the bar - SIX PEOPLE???  THE NIGHT BEFORE OPENING DAY????  WHERE WAS EVERYONE??  The bartender was very cool but we later found out that Mulligan's is supposed to be the coke bar of Buffalo - great choice Ms. Anchor Bar waitress.  The highlight of the night was standing on the front patio and watching people try to park.  One dude drove right in and slammed his tire into the curb - popping the tire.  He was so embarrassed he just drove around with his tire barely hanging onto his rim.  Another woman tried to parallel park - after about 3 tries I pulled out my camera and snapped a video.  Everyone was yelling "CUT IT - CUTIT!!!" then when she couldn't pull it off we'd all BOOOOOOOO. She finally got in after about 8 tries. Here's the link to the video:  Woman Parallel Parking

The bartender at Mulligan's said we needed to get to the stadium around 7:30 AM in order to get a good tailgating spot so we called it a night around midnight.  We departed the hotel at 6:30 and got to the stadium before 7 AM (I was a LITTLE excited if you could tell).  We stayed in line waiting for them to open the lots - the best part was everyone honking the horns at the teenagers working the entrance.  LET US IN - LET US IN - LET US IN!!!!  Finally an RV blew his horn and the teenagers opened the lot and let us in.  Which lot??  I dunno but we were between the RV's and the buses.  I think that it was Lot 2.  Opening Day in Lot 2


The tailgating was incredible.  People rented gas generators just to power up inflatable giant Bills figures.  It was very cool.  The Buffalo fans were also very nice to the Miami fans - which I didn't expect at all.  There was great excitement about WHAT MAY BE in 2010 for the Bills.  It was a new year and we were all anxious to get off to a good start.  There was a very good band that played for most of the day.  The lead singer had a lot of energy.  I can see why Buffalo is ranked #1 in tailgating.  I would come back any day just to tailgate here. Band in Buffalo


We got in the stadium around 12:30 and sat in the corner by the big screen.  It is too bad there isn't a big screen over by the Bank because I had to turn around to see the screen every time a replay occurred.  I hope Ralph Wilson spends some money to put a big screen in another part of the stadium.  All in all, it was great to be HOME.  Oh - and by that time...the Buffalo fans had turned on the heat on the Miami fans.  GO BILLS!!!  Watching Bills warmup


The game was less than stellar.  The offense was horrid and while the defense played well there were a few big plays the Dolphins just missed.  Watching Trent check down to Nelson on the last play of the game was just as horrible watching in person as it must have been on TV.


After the game we tailgated a little more - I couldn't believe the amount of TRASH after the game.  The parking lot looked like a landfill.  We threw all our garbage into a bag and left it there but I couldn't believe how many folks just threw their garbage right on the ground.  I felt bad for the folks who had to clean the lot.


We hung out until 5:30 then went to Duffs.  Troup was there with some friends and was eating something like 50 wings AND a philly cheesesteak.  He was a very nice guy and I couldn't believe how young he looked.  His shoulders are ENORMOUS though.  One of the Miami fans was a very big biker and Troup made him look like a pencil.   The wings at Duffs were very good.  The sauce was much better than Anchor Bar but I liked the crunch at the Anchor Bar.  If we took the actual wing from Anchor Bar and used the sauce from would be simply heaven.  The manager came over and asked me "Why are you with all these Miami fans??" - I said "I dunno they just followed me" and she gave me two free drinks and said "here - you'll need these".  Very nice place.

That night we went to the bar at the Holiday Inn - it was Karaoke night and everyone sang country was horrible but was nice to watch the Skins beat the Cowboys in a bar in Buffalo.

Overall, the atmosphere while tailgating and at the stadium was incredible.  Buffalo really didn't have much to offer in form of entertainment though.  Allen street was pretty quite compared to other cities I'd been at.  At the end of the day, would I do it again?  You betcha.

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