2 Ints and a 5 yd False Start Penalty cost us the Game

 - 1st thing is 1st I would like to come out whole heartedly and admit I was wrong, Ryan FItz after 1 game looks like he is better suited to run this offense, he stepped up in the pocket something I havent seen trent Edwards do in almost a year, he moved away from pressure, he got the ball in the hands of the open reciever and played a pretty darn good game. That being said he threw 2 very very costly interceptions and showed how truly bad his accuracy is. The first pick, had it have been put in the spot it needed to be it would have been a TD, and the second you just shake your head at and say I don't know why I am a Bills fan.

- New England is no where near the same calibre defensive team that Miami and Green Bay are but still the Bills showed they can move the ball and get timely first downs ( how about the consectuive over 3 and 10 streak they broke on that 3rd and 18).

 - Cornell Green I hope you get released your false start penalty cost us a field goal and put New England into good enough field position to get a TD.

- The D played good enough against a superior offense for us to steal a win on the road in a very tough place to play and our timely miscues killed us.

- Aside from the 00.55 second drive at the end of the first half the defense got us 2 three and outs from a very good offense and we should have been up at half.

 - Spiller showed why he was selected in the top 10, and if you didn't know how fast the kid is watch the replay and watch him pull away from a closing DB along the sideline, absolutly amazing.

- Chris Kelsay if we pay you $24 Million, you better learn how to hold an edge and not take the insdie route when you are the player responsible for outside contain, never have I been so upset at a professional football player, its a reverse and Kelsay trys to take the inside route.

- Keith Ellison has done an allright job but we need Paully P back. There were a few playes where Ellison was just overmatched and hopefully Paullies back next week.

- The Jets with back to back wins after and embarassing monday nighter seem to be on the right track, I was truly hoping for a Miami win because now 3 teams in our division have winning records and we are 0-3

- Stand Maybin up and keep Edwards and Stroud in the game on passing downs and see if it helps with the pass rush there were 3 plays where I counted and got to 6 Seconds for Brady in the pocket, he and every other good QB in the league will pick you apart regardless how good the coverage is, Derelle Revis is so good becuase hes asked to cover for 3 secs at most and that makes a DB's job that much easier.

- Brady torched us up the seams again and I am a little dissapointed in Jairus Byrd, he hasnt been up to pro bwl standards this year I could care less if he doent have a pick but Randy Moss cannot catch a ball between 4 defenders and not get smacked, Jairus Byrd im looking at you.

- Donte Whitner seems to be playing to his normally high standards, he had some serious hits and played very well making some timely tackles for us, this pleased me even more so because I was wearing my throwback Whitner Jersey.

- I will say this and take it the way you want to but I still feel Fred Jackson is the most talented back on this team and he's not getting his fair share based on what hes done in the past.

- I remeber everyone talking about how CJ Spiller is going to make our Oline look better, well I think Ryan FItz deserves this award we looked like a 1/2 decent OLINE yesterday and we ran the ball effectivley for the 2nd week in a row and will really be put to the test against the Jets.

- If theres one thing to be fairly confident about heading into this weeks matchup it's we have the secondary to shut down these less then stellar recievers, we just need to make Sanchez beat us and nothing else, blitz him, keep defending the run the way we have been which is not giving up huge plays on the ground, and make Sanchez throw the ball downfield and let our secondary do a job.

- Reggie Corner, to me you are this teams favorite whipping boy, but you played allright against Mr. Wes Welker, got away with some clutching and grabbing but you need to play better more consistently.

 - and last but not least Special Teams getting their "Moxy" back, a nice return for a TD, good lane closure, getting down the field on punts and limiting production, but the one thing I did notice; is it me or is Brian Moorman not playing up to his normal standards? 

Let me know what ya think

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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