Roller-coaster year continues

Ok, so I write these from time to time when the blog gets really busy and I read through all the comments and find out that about 1000 things are discussed in ever comment section not matter what the actual story says.  So here are my thoughts and it can give a big catch all to those of you upset or just want to complain about anything and everything.  No flame wars though, because after all, thats just stupid.

First, I have read a ton of guys complaining that they should have got something for TE, and I genuinely see your points, but you have to also look at what was probably the reality of the situation.  How many teams out there have a QB need?  SF? JAX? Who else really? Cleveland?  Which one of those teams do you think would actually give up a draft pick to get a guy that probably won't upgrade their position all that much, if at all?  All three are in the beginning of terrible years and will most likely need all the draft picks they have and can get (much like the Bills).   This might be a dumb question, but would you be happy if the Bills traded for someone like Garrard?  Trading away some picks for a QB that no one realistically thinks would be all that much of an upgrade?  And of course there were waiver claims, he was a starting QB in he league, and for free, what else could you want?  Like someone else stated in another comment, the demand for free is very very high, but raise to a dollar and you see a lot of people suddenly slink away...

Second, I have read (even from our illustrious leader) about how they think the Bills are currently running a knee-jerk reaction type philosophy in running the front office.  My serious and honest question is, how could they have done better?  Lets really look at what happened i the off season with the QB position.  First they had an "open" competition (in quotations because I know many think it wasn't all that open, but regardless that is what it was sold as) in which not only did TE win, but by our own eyes (editors and fans) TE clearly out-performed the others throughout the entire camp and off-season training.  Of course he gets the nod as the starter, and then look at what he did.  He couldn't even break 300 yards after two games!  He moved the ball down the field efficiently  ONE TIME.  Thats right, by my observations one time did TE actually move the ball well, and that was at the end of the game when the fin's backed off their coverage and blitz schemes.  That is not a NFL QB folks.  So they bench him.  Should they have kept him on the sidelines for the foreseeable future just to get cut at some point?  Or should they have just cut him, and let him have another chance somewhere else?  I think as an organization, they did the right thing.  There was no more use for TE in Buffalo and they did the right thing and let him go.  

Third, wasn't everyone in the off-season basically saying that by the time the season came around, either TE, Fitzy or BB was gonna get cut?  Well, everyone was right, it was just 3 weeks later than everyone thought.  Obviously the off-season competition didn't really prove much, because (much like almost all of us complained about) TE is awesome in a practice setting.  Most QB's are.  When its not on the line, they can do whatever they want, and it doesn't really matter.  People have a lot more confidence when their mistakes don't really mean much.  Then the real season began and the FO realized that TE is what he is.  He is a smart, good kid, with what seems like good leadership skills, that just can't put it together on the football field during a real game.  It's unfortunate and I was a big TE supporter, but it is what it is.  I hope nothing but the best for the guy, and if playing football doesn't work out it seems as though he will do well in other things in life.  

Fourth, I have heard some "rumblings" about signing Levi.  Why is this an issue?  Who else could they have signed? And why?  He will be a clipboard holder.  Who else out there (that would be on the active roster) was worth it?  3rd QB (correct me if I am wrong) doesn't count towards that 45 person active roster, so what's the harm.  If he is needed (by some stretch of the imagination) at least he knows the playbook!

So what are we really left with?  TE getting cut (which was a real possibility before the season started) and Fitzy and BB being the main two guys, with Levi the young guy to groom a lil.  Not that big of a deal.  

Also I would like to say something about Marshawn Lynch.  I am a big Marshawn Lynch fan.  I would hate to see him go, but if, and i stress IF the reports are true that they are now shopping him, I wonder what his price will be.  Rumor was over the off-season that they were offered a 3rd (who knows what else, and who knows if that's actually true).  I for one would be fine with a trade with GB (title contender that needs a RB, Jackson is not as good as Lynch) for a 3rd and maybe a later round pick or even Hawk and a pick.  I think the Bills are in the driver's seat with this though, as they certainly don't NEED to trade them as much as other title contenders are going to NEED a quality RB.  So in retrospect maybe it was the right call to wait for the season, let the guys contending make a bid (hopefully over-bid) for a piece of the puzzle that could take them all the way. 

I guess in conclusion, I have no problems with how the FO has handled these past fews days.  It all kind of makes sense to me.  I know many of you feel differently, but honestly, what was the better (and practical) move? Now if they are actually considering re-signing Kelsay to that ridiculous contract, I will have a different view of course....

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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