Needed to Forget About Kelsay Being Extended

The extension of Kelsay has me steaming so I needed to do this to try regaining ANY hope for the Bills rebuilding process.  Here’s what I’m thinking of where the team stands for offense:


*QB: Fitz is a solid backup and the Bills need to keep his energy--as a primary backup though.  I think Brohm has the potential to become a solid NFL starter.  If he can demonstrate leadership, be decisive, and be effective reading the D, he could be the long term solution we’ve been waiting for.  If not, #1 need this offseason has to be a franchise QB.

RB: Spiller is a spark this team desperately needs.  Jackson may be aging but will help offset playing time.  While I like Lynch, 3 starting caliber RB’s is much.  I’d suggest trading him for a need positional player and/or draft picks.

FB: McIntyre suits the team just fine.

*WR: Many suggest this is a position we need an upgrade in.  However, if one of the young receivers steps it throughout this season, they could provide a viable threat opposite Evans.  I’d say give these guys a chance this year—we may already have a solution on the roster.  If not, I’d rate this #4 for the offseason.

*TE: Nelson being suspended hurts.  I’ll be interested to watch him play once he returns.  Again, this is a position many feel needs to be addressed.  Nelson isn’t quite the blocker many want him to be, but he does have hands.  Between those already on the roster and even practice squad, there could be a solid blocking TE while keeping Nelson’s hands as an offensive threat.  If the Bills need to address this position, I’d put it as #5.

C/G: Although still developing, the interior is solid.  Adding depth could be beneficial but Urbik provides this as long as he continues to develop.

*T: Some argue the Bills need to replace both T’s.  I believe Bell could be the answer at LT as he continues to develop—at a minimum a solid backup.  I’m anxious to see how Wang performs.  However, I’m sold on replacing Green and Meredith unless somehow they turn into monsters on the line through the remainder of the year.  This needs to be the #2 priority.      


Realistic Projection: Bills find that Brohm is not a long-term solution as a starting QB, none of the WR’s show anything more than #3 WR ability, Green and Meredith continue their sloppy play, but the Bills discover they have a receiving TE threat and also a solid blocker at TE.  Between the draft and free agency, the Bills SHOULD go after #1) a franchise QB, #2) a solid RT & backup, #3) D front 7, and #4) a strong #2 WR.  What will more than likely happen is they go after a QB and RT, but unless something falls in their lap, only use band aids on D and WR. 

Optimistic Projection: Brohm shows he’s a Godsend when given the opportunity, Johnson and/or Nelson step it up to show they are capable of being a productive #2 WR, Nelson turns out to be a productive threat on O like Dallas Clark or Antonio Gates and not a great blocker but not a liability, Bell develops into a solid LT with Wang a viable backup, but Green and Meredith continue to flop at RT.  If this happens, #1 priority becomes getting a strong RT to protect Brohm, #2 is upgrading the front 7, and then the team needs to focus on upgrading positions where they can and developing depth across the board.     

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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