Explaining Trent's release timing

Firstly, I dont think there is anyone who is disappointed by the release of Trent. What everone really is upset of is the timing of the release, 3 weeks into the season.

To a lot of fans, this shows a continued incompetency from the FO. This even bodes the onset of more misery in the future. People wanted the FO to have figured this out before the draft and addressed the issue in the draft. They are questioning the FO's credibility in talent evaluation


To explain this we need to go back all the way to the end of last season. This was the time when Ralph was looking for a future head coach and was promising a superbowl someday for bills fans. I believe he was serious about bringing Mike Shanahan, John Gruden or Bill Cowher to Bills. We started hearing these rumors even before the season ended, sometime around late december. Remember, we didnt have a GM then. Only once these former coaches turned down the offer did Ralph decide to hire a GM first and then a coach later.

For whatever reason, Ralph decided to hire Buddy Nix on 31st December 2009. ( Btw, I like Buddy Nix). Immediately after this we started hearing we are going to hire an offensive minded coach. Ralph himself said the games were boring and he wanted to see more points. We also heard Buddy is looking for a coach with experience in head coaching.

Here is where the reason lies. Since we couldnt get one of the big name coaches, Buddy was told by Ralph to atleast get an offensive minded coach who is good with quarterbacks in the past. Buddy found the ideal coach in Gailey. He fits the profile exactly. He has gotten a pro-bowler out of Kordell Stewart. Has experience working with John Elway and Troy Aikman. Even got something out of Jay Fiedler.

Whether Gailey likes it or not, he was told when he was hired, to fix Edwards. Now there werent any practices or training before the draft. So it makes no sense in drafting a qb. Also, Buddy was the scout who picked Brohm from Greenbay's practice squad. So they didnt see the reason in drafting a qb high in the draft before seeing what they have. Remember it is a new system, so you cant fire anyone just based on film.

Now when the OTAs and training camp were underway, Gailey never said Trent's great. He always said it is a close competition. I think it was more of a message to Ralph saying he is finding it difficult to work with Trent. But he was hired with this objective. I dont think Gailey was ever happy with Trent.

Then the season starts and Trent sucks in the first two games. Gailey proves to Ralph that Trent cant be salvaged by showcasing Fitzpatrick. Gailey gets the go ahead to release Trent from Ralph. And they dont waste any time in doing that.

I dont think this calls into question Nix's talent evaluation. I think he is a much better scout than a GM. It is evident by the free agents he has picked. Bringing, undrafted rookies like, david nelson, donald jones, coleman. Even grabbing urbik in the waiver wire.

So I think that's the reason folks. Gailey had to prove to Ralph that Trent sucks. Blame it on Ralph. Actually blame it on no one - they had to see themselves before cutting Trent in February.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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