Extended Preseason

This whole season for the Bills is like a year-long preseason in anticipation for next year (or the year after if there is a lockout).  The many moves that the Bills did and didn't make this off-season and continue to make at the start of this season is really a strong indication of the fact that they are really preparing themselves for future seasons and battles. 

Going to the playoffs this season and being competitive now left us when we couldn't land McNabb during the off-season.  Rumor has it we offered more than what he took to go to the Skins.  That was a real blow to this organization because we probably had a shot at possibly putting together some other acquisitions that would have helped sooner rather than later. 

Other moves, like signing Cornell Green, shows that the Bills needed something at the position they could put in as a starter and hope that Meridith and Wang could develop into the future.  Let's hope either of these guys and supplant Green soon! 

We need all the LB help that we can get with going to new scheme, so Torber, Davis, Adolole, all make sense.  Even signing Kelsay to an extention, shows to the other players that the team will reward those who work hard, are a leader and show loyalty to the franchise.  I think extending Kelsay was a real statement made to the locker room and team more than anything else.

Now we benched/Cut Trent at QB, they are on to option #2 with Fitz hoping to eck out a win or two in the next 1/4 of the season.  Hopefully with playing some teams more on our talent level, we can find some rythem and catch a break or two for a win to instill some good spirit and confidence in our team.  Option #3 at QB with Brohm is coming unless he totally is horrible in practices and preparation or Fitz goes on such a winning streak it will be impossible to bench him for Brohm.  Levi is not an option this year unless injuries really hurt us at the position.  Fortunately there are QB's in this league... we just haven't seen them in a Buffalo uniform for a while.  We will draft one of the studs coming out of college next year and let him develop (hopefully sooner than later). 

As far as the rest of the "preseason" goes, my guess is that they will continue to work on developing some younger guys like Bell, Maybin, Nelson, Nelson, Johnson, Ellis, Carrington, Troupe, Moats, etc.  These guys need to "get it" at some point so they can be our "stars"

I am hopeful our FO is working on bringing in other talent or potentials at LB and TE.  We have a long way to go and its been a long long time since we were anything to anyone.  Let's just band together as fans and know that better times are coming when the Bills will finally be ready for the "Regular Season" and then we can talk Playoffs Baby!

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