The Revolution Will Not be Televised... Due to Local Blackout

I've mostly refrained from posting since the '10 debacle has begun.  Mostly because the frustration of losing saps all of the energy from me to write or even think about this team. It's something I've grown, sadly, accustomed to much the same as many of you I am sure.  But, I had the time and energy today to sit down and write a few things that I think I think... I'll keep it short and sweet...  hopefully, this won't come as just another rehash.

Releasing Trent

Frankly, I was relieved.  I could care less about how the rest of the league views the move. I think Nix and Gailey have been prudent, patient and yet firm.  Resolve counts for something in life.  It means you don't spend much time looking back because you are looking forward and working from current knowledge and not old assumptions.

To be specific, I believe Chan had to evaluate Edwards' decision making in his offense, not in Fairchild's offense.  He needed to get to know him as a person and as a student for some time, to hash out what deficiencies were his own and which were the result of poor coaching prior to Chan's arrival.  That's prudent.  That's not taking the results - which were at least somewhat mixed - and making assumptions that could come back to haunt you.  Trent definitely had the physical tools and for a time seemed to be able to put it all together.  Chan had to question where all of that "went."  Once they determined that what was broken could not be fixed.... again, entirely their own determination with their own variables, they made a move immediately.  That's resolve.

It was also fair to Trent who will now have an opportunity to learn a new offense before training camp opens next season, so he could conceivably be at the top of a depth chart next September.

Pass Rush Creates Turnovers....

...and that's why we're not getting any.  But I caution you not to throw the baby out with the bath water on this one.  Nobody thought the switch to the 3-4 from the 4-3 would give the Bills a great pass rush immediately and that's what's playing itself out here.  Players are adjusting to new roles.  Young players are involved.  And pash rushers don't generally catch their stride (on the average) until their third or fourth year in the league.  Maybin has shown improvement, but of course not nearly enough.  Kelsay is not a pass rusher, Mitchell is AWOL and the rest of this group are simply, and still, unproven at best.  It is what it is folks.  But you can expect to see flashes here and if there is to be any "great strides" made by this team in '10, this where you have to look.

Schedule... Revisited.

I don't get so worked up when the schedule comes out because teams are always in flux and you can't just look at where they left off the season prior to determine strength of schedule IMO.  After looking at it again today, it's even worse than advertised.  Even teams like the Cheifs who we could have reasonably predicted to suck are 3-0.

The combined record of the teams the Bills have yet to play is not terribly impressive (21-15), but these numbers are skewed by the Vikings (1-2) and the Lions (0-3) who are both, certainly, better than their records suggest.  If we did a power ranking of the teams the Bills have to play for the remainder of the season, adding the Bills, you could put the Bills - at best - tied for second to worst with the Browns (assuming both are better than the Jaguars.)  Everyone else, even the 1-2 Vikings and the 0-3 Lions have shown themselves better than the Bills in each of the last three weeks.... things can change, but by how much?  The term, "dead in the water" certainly doesn't seem misplaced here.

I'll end by saying that in light of this... how can any progressive move made by this front office be seen as "knee-jerk?"  Frankly, this organization has been in desperate need for patience and resolve and I think we're getting more of it than any of us fans can stomach.  It's medicine time boys...

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