In the game plan series i will be going over what to look for when the Buffalo Bills take on their opponents every sunday this weeks game plan is the Miami Dolphins


Everybody knows about the wildcat and how the dolphins like to run out of that formation and they will in this week one game i would also look for them to pass the ball when they are in the redzone

I dont see the Dolphins passing alot in this game the Bills have a strong secondary and are very weak against the run i foresee a heavy dose of the run game in the first half with Henne tossing in a few play action plays here and there

Dolphins players to watch out for


Ronnie Brown -- he is a very effective runner against buffalo averaging  around 5 yards a carry vs Buffalo we need to keep Brown off the field and control the clock

Brandon Marshall -- Miami hasn't had a wide receiver threat since O.J Mcduffie  Marshall will require a safety over top every passing down he has great route running and will make tacklers miss

Jake Long -- you might be thinking why a left tackle to watch out for?? if our rush stops at Long we will be looking at a Long day


Keys to a bills win

  • Buffalo needs to control the clock we would need 35-40 minutes in possession time to guarantee a win for the Bills   
  • Trent Edwards has to make good decisions and not force anything
  • The O-Line needs to hold the pocket for Trent to have adequate time to assess the situation 
  • Third downs are big we need stops on defense and make plays on offense

Bills players to look for

The Stampede -- are three headed monster should be able to pound the ball and move the chains look for close to 250 total rushing yards from the trio

Trent Edwards -- i dont expect a 300 yard game for Trent  i would look for possession passes ( non deep prayers unless play designed or broken coverage ) against  look for 150-200 yards passing with a 2 td day for trent 

Roscoe Parrish -- in this new offensive minded coach Roscoe is a dream  and has shown alot in preseason he will be in our slot and replace slow Josh Reed  i expect alot of slants and maybe a reverse thrown in  Roscoe will see the bulk of the receptions

Terrence Mcgee -- he has a trust test of how good he is coming this season everybody in our division has a franchise receiver and Mcgee needs to lock down everyone of them revis may have an island but mcgee has his moat and nobody will escape it 

The D-line -- our rush defense is worse then all the twilight movies put together sprinkled with a Mel Gibson rant yes that bad we need to force them to pass to are very talented secondary and get those turn overs


players to target on Miami


Cameron Wake-- he is a very talented pass rusher to neutralize him we need to run at him and smash him in the mouth till he quits he is taking over for Joey Porter who left for (insert team here don't really care enough to look ) and i feel is still a little green

Miami's entire secondary-- if Miami has a glaring weakness this is it hit it hard in the second half and we will pull it out


plays to run on Miami

With Roscoe in the slot expect to see a few bubble screens and a lot of slant routes

The stampede each has their  own set of plays to look for

CJ Spiller -- sweeps and draws

Fred Jackson -- screens and off tackle runs

Marshawn Lynch -- dives and blasts


Trent is going into this game with a lot  of confidence and that is bad news for Miami look for his first passing play to be a deep ball to Evans and that will set the tone for the game 

defensive plays

Stopping the run is a must and having Davis as our thumper is a great thing he is a great football player when he is at or behind the LOS  look for Davis to play right at the line between Edwards and Williams  thumping his way to the back

when we our in our nickle defense  blitz's will be plenty  and often i think Maybin might get his first pro meaningful sack of his career


Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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