Buffalo Bills 2000s Worst-Decade Team - Worst Draft Pick Selection

, At the beginning of May MattRichWarren presented us with his Buffalo Bills 2000s All-Decade Team series.  And for about a month we voted on a series of poles to determine who was worthy of being on that team.  But more often than not we also ended up complaining over the limited sometimes horrible talent that we had to pick from for any given position.  So it was about at the TE position that I thought "hey why don't we also vote on the worst players that played for this team over the last decade?"  And so here we are.

Now just like MattRichWarren's series I have a few criteria for players to be eligible for this team.  They had to have played in at least a full season's worth of games in this decade to be eligible.  Starting is not requirement, but you do have to have played significant amounts of snaps in those games.  That means that, for example, the Bills 3rd receiver might make the list, but a 4th or 5th stringer wont be considered.  That means that we wont end up voting for 7th rounders that ended up playing 2 snaps.  These are going to be real players that played real roles on this team over the last ten years.  And just because a player ended up on the All-Decade team does not mean that you can't also be on the worst-decade team.

Alright so 2 days ago we went threw the worst craft classes of the last decade, so the logical next step would have to be worst draft pick right?  Well it is in my book.  Now we've had a flurry of HORRIBLE picks this last decade, so I will put a couple of rules of eligibility on this one.  First the draft pick must have been done in the first 2 rounds to qualify as those are the players that you are suppose to build your team around.  Second, the player has to have spent at least two full seasons on the Bills roster for eligibility.  Also, and this is a fair warning, I will not at all take into consideration who was still available when the pick was made, so none of these "we could have had Ngata" or "we could have had Orakpo" arguments in this post.  And I don't want to read any of that in the comments either.  We have who we have, deal with it.  Besides, this is the place to complain about the players that we have/had, so used it!

So here goes, the bills worst 6 draft picks of the last decade.

DE Erik Flowers (2000, RD1, 26th overall)
What can i say about Flowers that hasn't already been said here?  Nearly nothing.  The man was a waist of a pick.  He lasted 2 seasons with the Bills before being cut.  He then signed on to the expansion Texans and was cut by them after their opening year.  He wasn't even good enough to stay on an expansion team!

S Travares Tillman (2000, RD 2, 58th overall)
Another pick from the decade`s worst draft class (by a landslide I might add) Tillman eventually became a serviceable backup down the line in his career, playing 4 decent seasons for the Panthers at SS.  But his time with the Bills is best forgotten.  He was flat out horrible, he whiffed on tackles, couldn't play man or zone and was just a liability overall.  The Bills released after 2 seasons with the team, replacing him with (and this might be the worst indictment of them all) Coy Wire, who was actually an upgrade over Tillman.

OT Mike Williams (2002, RD 1, 4th overall)
I hate having to continually come back to this guy in this series, but he was drafted 4th overall to anchor the line at LT for the next decade.  Instead he never even played a single snap at LT, spending all of his time at RT for the 4 seasons that he was with the Bills.  And by the time his career with the Bills ended he was replace by an undrafted free agent tight end as the team's starting right tackle!  Truly a horrible draft selection that hurt this team to no end.

QB JP Losman (2004, RD 1, 22nd overall)
What would youd do if you were a member of the Bills front office and had Drew Bledsoe breaking team records for offensive production?  Why trade back into the first round to select JP Loseman of course!  No seriously, that's exactly what the Bills did.  Baffling isn't it?  This pick would of been so bad if Losman had become an even half decent QB for this team, something like Trent Edwards is currently maybe, but the fact that Losman couldn't even produce that show truly how horrible he was for this team.  And the fact that we traded away the following year's 1 rounder along with that year's second in order to get him hurts even more!

DT John McCargo (2006, RD 1, 26th overall)
Another case of needlessly trading up to get a useless player, McCargo has never even come close to being a productive member of this Bills team, being on the roster bubble season after season.  This is especially painful because he would have been there on the Bills next scheduled pick.  Don't believe me?  one simply has to look at the fact that no other DT was selected in that draft until the 5th round when the Bills selected Kyle Williams.  Hindsight may be 20/20, but McBusto still gives me migraines each time I look at that pick!

WR James Hardy (2008, RD 2, 41st overall)
Hardy showed tones of potential coming out of college.  Too bad nobody told him that!  In between spending over half of his pro career on IR and not being able to get any separation on running routes, Hardy has been nothing but a disappointment in his Bills career... which was thankfully brought to an end this past week.

Dishonorable mentions: Ryan Denny, Chris Kelsay, Roscoe Parrish, Aaron Maybin.  All have been bad as Bills, but at least they've been useful in some capacity.  Well except for Maybin, but he hasn't had that chance yet.

Once again I'd like to thank Paul E. for his help in the research that put this article together.

There you have it folks, 6 Horrible draft picks to individually choose from.  Or if you'd prefer you can pick any of the dishonorable mentions (or any other player) by picking the "Other" option and letting us know why in your comments.  Have at it folks!

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