Bold Predictions for 2010

OK, so the title is pretty self explanatory. Every year, old and washed up (you may want to call them retired) NFL players turned analysts make a bunch of painfully obvious and/or ridiculous over the top predictions for the football season to come. I'm quite sure I am not the only one to throw blunt object at my TV in frustration, so I thought I would use my favorite BB blog as an outlet to make my own obvious and/or over the top predictions.

After the jump I'll go ahead and put forth a handfull of what I consider to be "Bold Predictions" for the 2010 NFL season: both for our hometown Buffalo Bills and for the rest of the NFL.

One thing to note on this one folks: If you don't think the prediction is all that bold, well, I don't so much as care. Not to sounds like a jerk or anything :), but the point of the article is to have a bit of fun and maybe drum up a bit of conversation on either side of the crystal ball. Some won't be particularly crazy, just picking a side on a debatable topic or predicting a win total works. What I'm getting at is "Bold Predictions" is a better title than "Here Are Some Things That Will Probably Happen This Year and I'm Guessing You Will Agree With Them". Far too winded.

Feel free to throw down some of your own predictions for other to debate.

Buffalo Bills 2010 Season Predictions:

-Trent Edwards will play 15 games and throw for 3,400 yards: He'll play 15 games because he'll be resting the last game of the season for our home playoff game...right?!? Well, in a I figure somewhere along the way, he'll have some ailment that will hold him out in the middle of the season or CJ Spiller is just so good we go straight up Wild Cat the final game. Either way, if predicting ol' Trent to throw for 3,400 yards isn't bold, I don't know what is. I'm guessing I'll get the most laughs out of this one, but I have a feeling our pass protection will be just below average (instead of the complete disaster that some expect) and Chan plans on using a ton of quick slants to Roscoe and dumps to CJ/Fred/Marshawn which will eventually add up. Throw in a couple bombs to Lee, and we're at 3,400. And yes, I know this is not a 25 game season, and it will take 425 8 yards gains to get to 3,400. Just trust me on this one, cause my logic in this prediction is quite terrible.

-The Bills will win every home Division game:Yea, I said it. We will beat Miami at home - it's the opener, ya'll! AND THEY HAVEN'T WON IN BUFFALO SINCE 2003! The Jets are no cake walk, but color me unimpressed with Mark Sanchez. I know he should be improved from last year, but I find it hard to believe they will be a Super Bowl contender like Teddy Bruschi and all his ESPN buddies seem to think. New England? Well, this is a set of bold predictions, and I have to go out on a limb at some point. In all seriousness, though, I see this year a good a chance as any in the past 6 years to pull off an upset against New England. Their defense is suspect, Randy Moss is crabby, and I think the new regime would like to put their stamp on their first year by getting out of this horrendous drought against the Pats. Oh, and I'm not that much of a prediction homer. I have them losing every division game on the road.

-After Week 2, the Bills starting O-Line will play 95% of all plays as one unit: Feelin' good feelin' great. I think the new S&C will help, but overall...we're just due for some good karma, eh?

-Roscoe Parrish will have 50 catches: I know it's just over 3 per game, and you might say it's not a terribly huge prediction, but that's half the number of catches he's had to this point in his career, and more than double his previous career high. Book it.

-CJ Spiller will win AP Offensive Rookie of the Year: Yea...he will. Fo Sho.

-Jairus Byrd, Andy Levitre and Dwan Edwards will make the Pro Bowl: Byrd made it last year: reasonable prediction. Levitre is up and coming and surprisingly well respected from what I can gather reading various papers and sites: somewhat reasonable prediction. Dwan Edwards...played on the Ravens?: Not so reasonable prediction. Call this one a gut, but I have a slight feeling he's held back a bit in the pre-season and we could be in for a treat.

-Shawn Nelson will not see significant playing time this all: We're desperate at TE, and I think I'd take Derek Fine back at this point. But I don't see a pass catching TE playing a huge role in Chan Gailey's offense; with the sketchy situation at RT/LT, blocking Tight End's will be a staple, at least as I see it. It doesn't help that Nelson has had injury problems and one of his first impressions under a new regime was a suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. Ouch.

-Rian Lindell will not miss a field goal inside 45 yards: Super hunch. Random prediction. I don't even like Lindell a ton but, it'll happen. Count it.

-The Bills will have two 1,000 yard rushers: But I'm not telling you who. (Hint: One will not be named Marshawn Lynch)

-The Bills Offense will finish 15th overall, the Defense 25th overall: I promise you I am not a Trent lover, I just think the offense is poised to have a decent year. If Roscoe, Spiller and Lee can get the ball in their hands and run wild, we might actually watch a few fun games this season. While I don't think the Defense will be as terrible as they have looked in parts of the preseason, I just think they are a couple years away from filling in the 3-4 (this includes viable depth that fits the scheme as well). I think a few good pieces (Byrd, McKelvin, Whiter, Wilson, Poz, Troup) are in place, but too many players (Kelsay, Ellis, Kelsay, Williams, Kelsay, Stroud, Kelsay) just don't fit all that great.

-Section 309 of Ralph Wilson Stadium is Awesome: That's a statement, but the truest one ever put into words. Go me.

NFL 2010 Predictions:

-The Cincinnati Bengals will miss the playoffs and finish below .500: Some people might say this one is obvious, others will say crazy. I just don't see them being a true contender, obviously.

-The New York Jets will again go 9-7; this time they'll miss the playoffs, though:Let's see: A QB who might potentially throw more INT's than TD's, the best player on the team took his first practice snap a couple days ago, your 1,400 yard rusher was let go without an afterthought, your new supposedly great receiver is still suspended the first 4 games, and your coach smells like my arm pit. Maybe I want to change my prediction to 8-8.

-Aaron Rodgers will throw for 5,000 yards: In case you missed last year, parts of the pre-season, and just about every football magazine in existence the past 3 months, this guy is good. Really really good. And for once I am not afraid to buy into a super hyped player. Must be nice to be a Green Bay fan; Brett Favre doesn't miss a game for 17 years, then Aaron Rodgers comes in and throws for 5,000 yards his third year as a starter. Wait, that didn't happen yet? I guess I just assumed it will definitely be right.

-Chris Johnson will not run for 2,000 yards...but AP will run for 1,800: Peterson will be on a mission this year to try and once again prove he is the best in the business. Don't be surprised when he wins the rushing title by over 200 yards.

-Brandon Marshall will have under 70 catches: A hunch? A little bit. I really think this guy is a great receiver and will be back to his old self next year. But I have a feeling he will have a down year, whether it be injury or just being out of sync with Chad Henne.

-Randy Moss will have 105 catches: I know I said he was grumpy before, and he's getting old, but I can't help but imagine he wants to keep playing. He ain't playing for chump change and he ain't playing for a bottom feeder, so expect a big year.

-Their will indeed be an NFL season in 2011 after an agreement is reached just before the Super Bowl: too much money at stake to be lost by both sides. And yes, the agreement will be reached during the season.

-Brett Favre's consecutive game streak will be broken: He's old. And grey. And you know what? When it's broken, I bet there will be very minimal coverage.............

-Donavan McNabb will play less than 10 games: Book it, write it down, count on it. He's always had injury issues, whether they're game day decision type of ailments or major breakdowns. But he is getting old and has taken a lot of abuse in his career. I still think Washington's line play will be worse than the Bills and I don't see McNabb being upright all that often.

-LaSean McCoy will have 2,000 yards rushing/receiving: I think Kevin Kolb will be average to slightly above average, but only because McCoy will have such a good year. I think this guy will fill Westbrook's shoes quite nicely.

-The Dallas Cowboys will miss the playoffs:...and the Giants will win the NFC East! Yea, I said it. Wade is out, and Jerry Jones will assume his rightfull place on the sideline. Ha!

Award Predictions

MVP: Aaron Rodgers

Offensive Player of the Year: Adrian Peterson

Defensive Player of the Year: Patrick Willis

Rookie of the Year: CJ Spiller

Defensive Rookie of the Year: Eric Berry

Coach of the Year: Norv Turner

AFC East Champions: Patriots

AFC North Champions: Ravens

AFC South Champions: Colts

AFC West Champions: Chargers

Wild Cards: Steelers, Texans

NFC East Champions: Giants

NFC North Champions: Packers

NFC South Champions: Saints

NFC West Champions:49ers

Wild Cards: Vikins, Falcons


AFC Champs: Chargers

NFC Champs: Packers

Super Bowl Champs: Packers


So there you have it. This list is not as long and exhaustive as I would have liked to make it, but I'm tired and anxious to catch the game which I have on DVR.

Before I bow out, though, if you like what you see, go ahead and rec so others can enjoy (who doesn't like a shameless plug). But really, I was hoping to make this a weekly Fan Post. I think it could be a fun forum to debate everybody's hunches and unreasonable predictions week to week. Hence if this stay up for a few, others will have this in the back of their head every week to use to dump their predictions.

Hope you enjoyed, I look forward to hearing some of your thoughts on the season to come!

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