My Dream Offseason

Free Agent signings

Throw alot of dough at Logan Mankins, with his down home attitude and nasty demeanor he would be the perfect addition to our line. Woods could move to Center full time and then our only real whole on the Offensive Line would be at RT and one of our young guys could fill that role next season, or we could draft one. 

Offer a decent contract to Barret Ruud and Poz. That would solidify our Inside LB's and to go with Kelsay, Merriman, Moats, Maybin and Coleman we wouldnt have to draft a LB unless the LB we couldnt pass up falls into our laps in the draft.

Resign either Wilson or Whitner, I would perfer Whitner but if he really wants $7 Million then he can call Jerry Jones. If Whitner leaves I would begin moving McGee to SS immediately, He's getting to old for CB and when he was drafted they originally thought he would have been a better safety. Let's see if they were right... Also if Whitner leaves attempt to resign Florence or another veteran CB with man to man ability.

DRAFT (im going to give my top choices, in order)

1st RD  QB Ryan Mallett, Arkansas (Dareus DL, Alabama) (Prince Ankumnara? CB, Nebrasaka)

2nd RD DL Cameron Heyward DL, Ohio State (Janoris Jenkins CB, South Florida) (Kyle Rudolph TE, Notre Dame)

3rd Rd LB Mark Herzlich, Boston College (D.J. Williams TE, Arkansas) (Jeremy Beal LB, Oklahoma)

4th Rd DL Jared Crick, Nebraska (Quan Sturdivant LB, North Carolina) (Tank Carder LB, TCU)

4th RD any of the three named above or QB Greg McElroy, Alabama (if we dont pick Mallet 1st rd)

5th RD RB Demarco Murray, Oklahoma (Owen Marecic RB, Stanford) (RB John Clay, Wisconsin)

6th RD, 7Th Rd just fill whatever holes are left or whatever prospects the paid scouts think might develop into a great players... but if QB Taylor Potts is available in the 7th take him... he's worth taking a flyer on.


I want Mallet (obviously) and if Heyward drops, which he probably wont but he's considered late first early second by most draft "experts" he might be available with our second round pick. That would shore up two positions, Franchise QB and talent on the DL. With Heyward, Williams, Troup, Edwards, Carrington and Crick we would be set along our line for either the 3-4 or 4-3 lineup. (by the way i love the idea of multiple fronts, look at the Pats, Jets, Ravens and Niners they all ran a multiple front system this year. And the ravens have been doing it for years.) If Herzlich is their in the third, which he should be, we cant pass him up. He would be the perfect backup for our ILB and possibly beat one of them out in a year or two. May be regretting resigning Poz if this guys is available. Though if we take Mallett and D.J. Williams is available in the third it would be smarter to take him as we need a TE and Mallett loves throwing to Williams already. Fourth Rd with Jared Crick, I WANT THIS GUY... tough as nails and versatile. Can play a 3-4 DE, NT or 4-3 DT. Love the way he plays... with the second 4th RD we need to address LB depth or if we pass on Mallett and take Akunmara or Dareus then we will need to pick a QB and like ive stated before I think McElroy could be the diamond in the rough of this years draft. Though Dalton may be the safer pick, I truly love McElroy's attitude, accuracy and arm strength. He has terrible mechanics and a slow delivery but that can be worked on (Ask Tebow). We still need to address our RB depth no matter how stupid that sounds, it's true. Do we beleive Jackson will last another year injury free, and is Spiller able to take a pounding 30 times a game? I dont know, I would love to see Demarco Murray, one of my favorite college players of all time and hopefully his injurys will scare teams enough he will last til the fifth round, if not maybe Marecic is still there... Well there it is pick it apart. Im sure this will change (slightly) over the next four months.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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