How the top 2 picks can affect the bills draft

The Bills draft will be swayed by how the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos draft this is a given we're all in the same boat and dont have the luxury of going need over the so called BPA 


Carolina  does not have a second round pick this year  the logical thing for them do do is trade back 12 to 15 spots grab a second rounder in the time i have followed other teams draft I've noticed that Carolina never trades down only up this is due to the philosophy of their GM "worry about next year next year and this year this year"  stock piling picks isn't his thing which makes hitting on his picks all the more important

In this draft there are two sure things as players coming out  AJ Green WR Georgia and Patrick Peterson CB LSU

Carolina has many holes to fill on defense and on offense  and looking at these two positions CB and WR

WR                                                                                               CB

Steve Smith                                                                                Chris Gamble    

David Clowney                                                                          R.J. Stanford     

David Gettis                                                                                Richard Marhall     

Armanti Edwards                                                                       Robert McClain      

Brandon LeFell                                                                          Captain Munnerlyn        


First the WRs  two are guaranteed to be back next year  Brandon LeFell and Armanti Edwards  both who are products of last years draft class  Steve Smith could very well be trade bait and Clowney and Gettis are able depth players  

Now for the CBs  last years starters will most likely be back Captain Munnerlyn and Richard Marshall                      

Chris Gamble injured for most of last year could be back but with a salary north of 6 million it will be a coin flip

McClain and Stanford were both rookies last year  i believe the odd man out will be Stanford as he was a healthy

scratch for the season 


Carolina  will take a player with the biggest impact in their opinion and that is AJ Green WR Georgia  with this pick they will give Jimmy Clausin a big target and will help in the evaluation of Clausin as a franchise QB  

also looking at the Panthers defense if they choose to stay in a 4/3 defense they have a gigantic hole at DT and with no second rounder i expect a trade for maybe Albert Haynesworth


Denver Broncos  wow after the Mcdaniels fiasco and the redirection the team went is amazing  Mcdaniels literally took a playoff team and set it back about 5 years maybe even longer   the broncos have three really big holes that need to be filled   CB DE NT     since there are no NT worth the second pick  that narrows it down to CB and DE

Players the Broncos may be targeting  Patrick Peterson CB LSU Marcell Darius DE Alabama Nick Fairley DE Auburn


CB                                                                                                                 DE

Champ Bailey                                                                                             Justin Bannon 

Parrish Cox                                                                                                 Ryan McBean 

Andre' Goodman                                                                                        David Veikune   

Nate Jones                                                                                                  Kevin Vickerson 

Syd'Quan Thompson                                                                                   

Cassius Vaughn                                                                                              

Chevis Jackson                                                                                               


First the CBs  Parrish Cox for the most part is looking at prison Champ Bailey is looking to switch to safety as well finding a contender to play for those two players are huge losses for the broncos Syd'Quan is a good nickle back and could develop into a good starting corner Andre' Goodman is entering his tenth year  and didn't make much of an impact last year Chevis Jackson is in his third year and expect is packing his bags    that is four count them four CBs that the broncos could/will lose


Now for the DE's    Vickerson and Bannon look  entrenched as starters  the depth behind them is another discussion  Mcbean would be the favorite as of today to stay with the team and they may very well keep them both but a talent upgrade is sorely needed    


Denver is going to have to replace Champ Bailey and Parris Cox and i feel they will do so when they draft  none other than Patrick Peterson CB LSU  as a team you can get by with strong linebackers and corners  Denver can address the d-line in later rounds and still get quality players


This leaves us at number three who will we get ? i have a few ideas and will share later on down the road  

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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