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Im an accountant,and right now work is quite slow before the huge boom of income tax season so I sit here at work and read and read and read about our different needs and our different assessments of different positions and I thought I would look strickly at our starters heading into 2011-2012 and try to figure out our 3rd overall pick strickly from that.

So here it goes:

QB - Ryan Fitzpatrick - Adequate at best, could get better if surounded with better talent - Draft need C+

RB - Fred Jackson - Stellar talent, really would benefit from better run blocking line - Draft need D-

FB - Corey Mac - Stellar Talent, barley used on offense but when used definatly fits the task - Draft need F

WR - Lee Evans - Good deep route runner, really struggles with slants and dig routes and has a hard time catching in traffic - Draft Need C+

TE - Shawn Nelson/David Martin - Neither have what it takes to be an elite TE - Draft need A-

LT - Demetrius Bell - Solid if not unspectacular, played the whole season and held up strong unless completly overmatched - Draft need D+

LG - Andy Levitre - Solid if not unspectacular, played the whole season and held up wonderfully and never seemed overmatched - Draft need F

C - Geoff Hangartner/Eric Wood - Again Solid, but depending on who mans the centre spot will really determine if we need to draft someone inside - Draft need D+

RG - Eric Wood/ Chad Rhinehart - If Wood is manning this spot were set if not we might want to explore drafting someone in the later rounds - Draft need D-

RT - Mansfield Wrotto - Held his own but no where near where he needs to be  - Draft need B+

WR - Stevie Johnson - Had a breakout year, but was it because no one had film on this guy, only time will tell but for right now looks like a staple in the Bills offense for years to come - Draft need D-

Now Im going to the defense in a 3-4 look as oppose to 4-3 because thats what Chan wants to eventually run so here it goes.

OLB - Chris Kelsay - You know for all the heat this guy takes he played every game and gave it his all every game that doesn't make him an all star but it has to say something - Draft Need C+\

DE - Marcus Stroud - If this guy isn't released the Bills front office needs to figure it out - Draft need A+

DT - Kyle Williams - Stellar Talent that just plain and simple needs some help - Draft need F

DE - Dwan Edwards - Solid if not unspectacular, play very weel when he played and to be honest we have the depth with Carrington - Draft need D+

OLB - Shawne Merriman/Arthur Moats - Health definatly becomes a concern and Moats played decent not overly well and was limited in tackles - Draft need B-

MLB - Andra Davis - A vet with very limited role, struggles in coverage and does a mediocre job at eating up blockers - Draft need B+

MLB - Paully P - A free agent that I do not want to see go, 4th in the league in tackles and only played 14 games - Draft need B+ (I put B+ because if he leaves thats a huge vacancy to fill)

CB - Terrance McGee/Leodis McKelvin - Depending on whos startng really changes the draft need on this side, McGee when healthy has proven to be a legimate talent but he's never healthy and isn't getting any younger, McKelvin on the other hand if he could just focus could be a shut down corner in this league - Draft need C+

FS - Jarius Byrd - Almost went the wqhole year without a pick but if it weren't for the last game who knows, needs to get better no doubt about it - Draft need C+

SS - Donte Whitner - No doubt in my mind he is leaving, leaving us with a huge hole to fill - Draft need B+

CB - Drayton Florence - Probably one of the most penalized corners in the league and when we can't get pressure he really struggles to cover - Draft need B+

KR - CJ Spiller - Could have been better but first year in the league coupled with new special teams coach I expect more this year - Draft need F-

PR - Roscoe Parrish - If he stays healthy one of the best in the game - Draft need F-


So after all is said and done (in my eyes) it seems we are in dire need of a TE, DE and RT and seeing as there is no super talented must take TE or RT in the top 5 prospects it seems as if DE is the pick of choice.

Now deeper in the draft I truly believe this team will address WR,SS,RT,TE,CB and interior DL and OL.

Thats a pretty basic review but I mean it really paints a pretty realistic picture of what this team truly needs.

I just hope we are not going to stand pat at the OLB position as I feel it needs a long hard look and maybe a bit of an overhauling.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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