Buffalo Bills Mock Draft 1.0

2011 Mock Draft

  1. Marcell Dareus (DT) - 6'3'' 305lb - Alabama

    I wrote a post about the Buffalo Bills rush defense the past 5 years (Bills poor run defense).  The fact is the Bills have not been able to stop the run, and have ranked in the bottom quarter of the NFL in rush defense the past five years.  It is time we change that trend.

    There are several options with this pick - and not to mention there is great talent available.  This pick is between Patrick Peterson (CB) - LSU, and AJ Green (WR) - Georgia.  Nick Fairley will be drafted either 1st or 2nd - so I did not consider Fairley with this pick.

    Dareus will be a perfect fit at end in our 3-4 defense to team up with Kyle Williams and solidify our defensive line.  Dareus is a polished and talented player with upside.

  2. Jake Locker (QB) - 6'3'' 226lb - Washington

    Locker is still my top rated prospect in the draft - however most scouts do not agree.  Many believe Locker will drop to the bottom of the 1st round or the beginning of the 2nd round.  I make this pick according to my first round mock draft - post on MTD. 

    Jake Locker can learn behind Fitz for the next season or two.  I think Fitz would be the perfect veteran QB to learn to play QB in the NFL.  Locker has tremendous upside - and ability to become a franchise QB.  I will be excited if this happens for the Buffalo Bills.

  3. DeAndre McDaneil (SS) - 6'0'' 212lb - Clemson

    Donte Whitner and George Wilson are free agents at the end of the season leaving a gaping hole in our secondary.  Who plays next to Byrd?  McDaniel is a big strong and physical safety that can eventually make the starting line up.  McDaniel has four years of experience and picked up 4int and 1ff in his senior year

  4. Kelvin Sheppard (MLB) - 6'3'' 240lb - LSU AND Marcus Cannon (OT) - 6'5'' 350lb - TCU

    Sheppard - Eventual replacement for Ayodele and starter next to All-star Poz
    Cannon - Possible starter at RT - a big hole on our offensive line.

  5. Stanley Havilli (FB) - 6'1'' 230lb - USC

    I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of Havilli playing in Chan Gailey's offense as FB.  Havilli was incredible in USC catching out of the backfield and paving the way for running backs.  Havilli has the skill set and ability to become an elite FB - and would instantly improve our offense.  I would be thrilled to have Havilli paving the way for Spiller and Jackson.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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