2011 Draft

Now that we know our Bills will be picking 3rd overall in this years upcoming draft I decided to put together my first ever mock draft. This was really the first year that I truly followed college football so I felt like I finally knew enough about the prospects to make a mock draft. Also, this would be my IDEAL, but still possible for the most part.


Round 1: Nick Fairley, DT, Auburn

I feel like he has the less bust potential than Bowers but at the same time is going to be as big of a beast on the D-line as anybody else in this years draft.


Round 2: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin OR Demarcus Love, OT, Arkansas

I'm assuming Anthony Castonzo will be gone at this point and I feel like these two are the next best tackles in the draft. Either one of them would be an instant starter at RT.


Round 3: Christian Ponder, QB, Florida St.

With this pick I think I'm being a bit hopeful that he will still be on the board. If he is though I love Ponders potential. Have in sit behind Fitz for a year or two and let this kid learn. I think he can do great things in this league.


Round 4: DJ Williams, TE, Arkansas AND Kelvin Sheppard, LB, LSU

DJ: We need an answer at TE and we need one bad. This can be our guy and I think he'll easily still be on the board when we pick in the fourth.

Kelvin: He can play either ILB or OLB. He would be great depth and would make for an easy switch incase one of our LBs got injured, as they seem to a lot.


Round 5: James Brewer, OT, Indiana

At 6'8" 335lbs I think he would be a steal in the 5th round. Some people have in going as high as the 3rd round and some have him going undrafted, but I think he would provide great depth right away and even develop into a solid starter.


Round 6: Will Hill, S, Florida

I have my doubts about him being here in the 6th round but if he is I think he'd be another steal. I'm assuming that Whitner will be gone and if he is Hill would provide great depth at saftey.


Round 7: BPA

It's honestly so hard to try and figure out who is still going to be on the board in the 5th round let alone the 7th that you pretty much have to go bpa in those rounds. Just go bpa and get some quality depth.


This was my first ever mock so go easy! Thanks for reading though.

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