My 2011 Bills Wishlist!

This is a draft I put together and these are the player I think could help this franchise! It's my first fanpost, so go easy on me :)

1st Round 3rd Pick - Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU.


Rationale? - Look he's a stud and from what I've seen in the 3 games I have watched he's awesome and QB's have a tendency to throw away from him...Byrd is a FS for the record, Florence is average, Youboty and McGee are always questionable...McKelvin could be a stud if we have another stud across from him. And Corner I think could develop into a great back up CB. Lock up this guy, then stock up on Run D.


2nd Round 34th Pick - Kelvin Sheppard, ILB, LSU


Uh Matt...Why? - Beast Mode...err...Defensively. What else can you say he's big at 6'3" at 230 and runs a 4.65 40 Yard. They have him going in some of the early rounds but from what I've been able to gather as long as the Patriots don't jump on this stud in the pick before (remember Carolina traded their 2nd rounder to the Pats *face palm* then we should land this guy...and he WILL help and atrocious Run-D.


3rd Round 68th Pick - Jake Locker, QB, Washington


What are you, HIGH?! - I know but he was a stud in his early years. His O-Line is less than sturdy and his receiving core looked like they were trying to catch Hot Potatoes the whole season. He finished with a less than promising Senior campaign. BUT I think he is a steal in the 3rd. He can hit receivers in stride and from what I have seen, mind you only two games, he can hit receivers in stride and can move when he needs to. My other pick if JL is gone? Andy Dalton from TCU. Mobile and Accurate just like Chan likes.


4th Round 100th Pick - Mike McNeill, HB,WR,TE, Nebraska 


I really wanted to stop reading after Jake Locker but I saw this - LIght? 215 Bad :(, Fastish? 4.7 40 :/, but GREAT hands and route running ability. We have a blocking TE which is what his one downfall is, but put a little meat on him, get him in sync with our future QB and we could have a versatile guy on the end of the line.


4th Round (From Seahawks for Marshawn Lynch) - Phil Taylor, DT, Baylor


Ok, I can see this - Goodbye, John McCargo, and hello new guy! Big and under the radar but I think he can be a great compliment to Kyle Williams. Look for this guy to turn some heads in the NFL and give some real competition to Torell Troup (I realize he's a NT).


5th Round - 132nd Pick -  Owen Maracic, FB/LB, Stanford


OH THIS GUY! - Yeah I like him he's been called the perfect football player I like this guy a lot and I think he could be a special teams wizard. Remember Corey McIntyre was our best ST player -_-.


6th Round - Will Rackley, OG, Lehigh


Offensive Line depth, coaches really like him.


7th Round - Take your pick, let me know who you think would do well here!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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