Ultimate trade down draft for fun

I have been seeing mock drafts so far with us picking at 3. No matter what I see, it leaves me unsatisfied. Instead, I am taking a new approach. Identify all the weakness in the team and then do unlimited trade downs - totally unrealistic...

So here are the absolute weaknesses in my opinion -

offense - qb, rt, te

defense - ss, ilb, s-olb

Many would immediately point out that we need a DE first and foremost. Now I love the idea of drafting dareus, fairley or bowers, the fact remains we just drafted troup and carrington last year and picked up edwards in FA... i dont see any other DE worth taking in lower rounds when we have already taken 2 last year.

Also, I think we should sign florence as I dont think his value is high in FA. Or we should sign an equivalent guy.

So these are 6 positions which I would want to address in the first 3 rounds. In addition, I would want to add a backup NT and a backup RB in the later rounds... So that is 8 total draft picks.. But we have only 3 picks in the first 3 rounds...

So here are the trade downs. First our picks in hand

3, 34, 68, rd 4a, rd 4b, rd 5, rd 6, rd 7

Trade 1: We trade our #3 and rd 6 to Arizona for their #5 and #38. They dont want peterson, green or dareus. They would go for Gabbert. The reason they would trade is because there are browns, 49ers, titans and redskins who could trade with bengals before them for him. Also, we can trade with browns so they pick a j green. WR is their only real weakness. Trade probability: High

Trade 2: After Arizona pick gabbert, bengals would probably pick green. Neither would pick peterson as they are set at CB. So we still have peterson at #5. This is a perfect place to have peterson as no. of teams are in a position to trade up. titans, cowboys, texans, vikings and lions are all in position to trade up. texans and lions, especially have their biggest weakness in CB... texans can instantly become playoff contender...

trade #5 and rd 7 to texans for #11 and #43. Trade probablility: High

Trade 3: #11for tampa's #20, #52 and rd 6. Again tampa's biggest weakness is pass rush... even they would feel they are only a pass rusher away from playoffs.. they get to pick from aldon smith, ryan kerrigan or von miller. Trade probability: medium

By these 3 trades we have the 6 picks in first 3 rounds.

#20 - jake locker, qb, washington

#34 - martez wilson, ilb, illinois ( allegedly the best ilb this draft, 6'4 250 lb - dansby type)

#38 - d j williams, te, arkansas ( fastest te in this draft. good size as well - 250 lbs)

#43 - demarcus love, rt, arkansas

#52 - deandre mcdaniel, ss, clemson (again, allegedly the best ss in the draft)

#68 - k j wright, olb, mississippi state ( fast olb who is good in coverage and run support. good s-olb to compliment merriman)

#94 (trade up our 4a +tampa rd 6) - jerrell powe, nt ( backup NT)

#102 (trade up our 4b + our rd 5) - jamie harper, rb, clemson ( good size and speed. spiller would like this pick)

So, in summary

20 - jake locker, qb

34 - martez wilson, ilb

38 - d j williams, te

43 - demarcus love, rt

52 - deandre mcdaniel, ss

68 - k j wright, olb

94 - jerrell powe, nt

102 - jamie harper, rb

I am curious in what you guys think.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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