That was J2's comment on Jester01's fanpost "Fanview: Who gets drafted #3 poll continued...".  At the end of the day that comment (although I have to admit I present a strong argument with that comment, but I digress) didn't dissuade enough Rumbler's to pick a defensive linemen for the purpose of that fanpost.  Peterson won hands down - but I wanna hit you with some knowledge (thanks White) because I wanted to see if my line of thinking was correct.

When looking at the following data you will see that what I propose (taking big fat linemen) isn't a hard and fast rule, but it's a pretty darn good rule to follow.  I'm definitely being selective in my data looking efforts because I just noticed the trend this past weekend in the Conference Championship games.

Defense!  Defense! Defense!  Defense wins championships and offense sells tickets is the old saying - while not wholly true - there is some truth to that.  Stopping the run has always been a staple of great defenses - so how do the 4 Conference Championship teams stack up in stopping the run?  Well read on dear reader and you shall find out.

The final 4 teams for this past year was Pittsburgh, NYJ, Chicago and Green Bay.  During the regular season Pittsburgh was ranked #1, Chicago #2, NYJ's #3 and Green Bay was ranked 18th.

 Well holy smokes batman that's 3 out of 4 of the Conference Championship games that were ranked in the top 10 in rushing defense, obviously top 3.  What does Green Bay have?  Yup some guy named Aaron Rodgers who is pretty good.

So case closed right?  Na - let's look a little further shall we?

2009 Conference Championship

NYJ's - ranked 8th
Colts - 24th

Minnesota - 2nd
Saints - 21st

O.k. so 50/50 here on top 10 rushing defenses - but again, hold the phone (thanks again dodge ball) - what do the other teams have in common?  Oh some guy named Peyton Manning and some other guy named Drew Brees - both of whom are....pretty good.....

2008 Conference Championship

Baltimore - 3rd
Pittsburgh - 2nd

Philadelphia - 4th
Arizona - 16th

Am I seeing a pattern here?  Either great rushing defenses or Hall of Fame QBs seem to be doing the most damage in the NFL are they not?    Oh yea - they are - you know it.  Kurt Warner - that guys pretty good too!

2007 Conference Championships

Chargers - 16th
Pats - 10th

Giants - 8th
Green Bay - 14th

Chargers = Philip Rivers, Pats = Brady, Giants = RUINING THE PATS AND MAKING MY DAY, Green Bay = Brett Favre.

So elite/HoF QBs or Giants (ya, that was awesome) shutting down the Pats supposed awesomeness with their BIG FAT LINEMEN?  Ya - that's what i'm seeing too - was just checking you were reading this as well...

I could continue on and do more years - but that would be pretty redundant because there is one heck of a pattern that evolves.  Elite QB play or outstanding defensive front 7 teams that can stop the run.  

This is why if the Bills don't feel that Gabbert, Locker, etc... are one of the potential Elite QBs that I want a BIG FAT LINEMEN with our 3rd pick. 

DBs - Buffalo's done DB's before - McKelvin, Whitner, Clements, Winfield

Skilled positions - Lynch, McGahee, Parrish, Evans

How awesome have the Bills been since we've been taking DBs and skilled positions with the first pick?  ya - you know.  I realize that we've also taking Maybin and McCargo - but do those guys really count?  I mean o.k. maybe they do - but do they?  

ahhh - you get what i'm saying Rumbler's  - BIG FAT LINEMEN!

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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