Mock Draft v2

Hey guys this is my second mock draft so far.  I didn't take any trades into account because while I would love to trade down, I feel that it is nearly impossible to predict exact trade.  As you can see from my mock I am really hoping Troup and Carrington can step up on the D-Line.  Here we go:

Round 1- Patrick Peterson CB- Here I am assuming a combination of two Green, Fairley, Bowers are gone.  The best player left on the board that fills a need is Peterson.  He can come in to start day one and be a shutdown corner in this league.  He is just too talented to pass up and its not like Mckelvin has shown signs of greatest or Mcgee is getting any younger.

Round 2- Gabe Carimi/Nate Solder/Anthony Costanzo/Demarcus Love OT- We desperately need to find a right tackle who can hold down the position.  I am tired of undrafted free agents being plugged in on the right side and looking mediocre in both pass protection and run blocking.  I have the tackles in the order of who I would take if they are available.

Round 3- Andy Dalton QB- It is clear that Fitzpatrick is not the long term answer at QB.  I am completely against taking Newton or Gabbert in the first round.  I just don't see the franchise talent in them but if the front office thinks so then they should pull the trigger.  Also, if Locker slides to Round 2, I would love to take him there.  Dalton is a four-year starter with a lot of experience and Gailey will like his mobility.  He can groom behind Fitzpatrick for a while and hopefully be our long-term solution at QB.

Round 4(a)- D.J. Williams TE- What TE led our team last year in yards? receptions? touchdowns?  Ya, I don't really know later.  Shawn Nelson is not the answer and we really need a TE that we can count on to take catches at crucial points of the game especially in the red zone.  Williams is a special player with a lot of talent.

Round 4(b)- Casey Matthews/Kevin Sheppard/Mario Harvey ILB- We need a talented player next to Poz who can solidify our 3-4 defense.  Any of these LB's can come in and start from day one.  They are all talented at pass rushing, which is clearly a problem out LB's seem to have.

Round 5- Steven Friday OLB- We need some support behind Merriman incase that he proves to be not healthy enough to be efficient.  Friday is great in coverage and can also make stops in the backfield.  Friday will give Moats some competition and hopefully keep Kelsay off the field.

Round 6- Brandon Blair DE- I can't completely ignore the D-Line in this draft.  Blair is a huge guy and can be a backup plan incase our rookie draft picks from last year end up as Aaron Maybins.

Round 7- Davonte Shannon SS- With Whitner's status uncertain we should probably look for depth at SS.  It never hurts to take a hometown guy.  I watched him throughout his career at UB and the potential is definitely there.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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