Some Thoughts for Next Year

Some thoughts for next year

1) Merriman - I thought this was a great idea to bring him back for a 2 year deal.  This one shows that buffalo is trying to bring in names and two they believe his injuries will hold up.  Merriman can't hurt this team several times it was said he was helping moats on the sidelines.  I am not saying he will perform like he use to but still he cant hurt. Also, he brings a nature of high energy (ray lewis like...not saying he is as good though) we dont have that in buffalo we need a guy who will get in the huddle and scream his lungs out and show the passion I believe he will do that.

2) Fitz being QB - I am sure on the fact that Fitz will be the QB starting next year (I didnt say whole year).  But he cant deny this guy played well this year.  The Pats game looked bad but take that one away and he still improve 100% from what we thought was going to happen.  He has the faith of team behind him and that shows.

3) Luck - If Luck comes out he is going to Carolina no doubt.  So we have to look for another option.  Is it Cam Newton, Locker, Ponder, Mallet...i dont know but I do know we will get a QB in this draft.  I dont like Ponder, the guy had another surgery I believe (next Jason White minus the Heisman).  Locker had a bad year in general.  Newton has a big arm but still needs time to develop.  Another guy I saw perform really well was Andy Dalton from TCU, the kid looked real good in the bowl game (may not be franchise but still better than Brohm).

4) Defense - Please Buffalo build up the front 7.  Kyle Williams needs help, and if you give him one guy this draft that can do that he will only be that much better next year.  Get another LB that can pass rush, Merriman is declining we know but still while we have the crazy man he can teach the young pups if nothing else.  Moats is getting there but not just yet.

5) LT & RT - Our interior is good for right now so can we please focus on LT & RT at this point, dont need to say much here.


Focus for FA and Draft

1) Defense they didnt help our Offense at all this year.  If they could have stopped the run we win a few more games. NUMBER 1 FOCUS! LBs and DE and DT.... FA & Draft

2) O-line cant have a franchise QB sitting on his butt every play, need a line first. Draft

3) QB - We all know this...Draft

5) TE - could really help out...FA

4) Secondary - They didn't look great at all this year (new defense and adjusting to that)...FA & Draft

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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