Buffalo Bills Mock Draft 2.0

  1. Patrick Peterson (CB) - LSU - 6'1'' 222lb

    Patrick Peterson is arguably the best player in the draft.  Patrick Peterson is a once in a few years prospect similar to Ndamakong Suh was last year.  A gifted athlete, cover man, with phenomenal size and skills.  Patrick Peterson is too good to pass up.  CB is not the most demanding of needs but let us analyze.  Terrence McGee is 30 years old and is oft injured.  Leodis McKelvin has not been a number one cover corner.  Dayton Florence is a free agent.  Donte Whitner our SS is probably not going to return next season further weakening out secondary.  With the wide receivers we have in our division - (Santonio Holmes, Brandon Marshal, Wes Welker....) a legit cover corner would be a very valuable addition to our young defense.  Patrick Peterson is in the mold of Derrell Revis and that is high praise.  His pure cover corner skills and his size make him the ultimate prospect.  A secondary that features Terrence McGee, Patrick Peterson, and Jarius Byrd sounds too tempting.

  2. Martez Wilson (ILB) - Illinois - 6'4'' 250lb

    Martez Wilson is the top rated ILB in this years draft.  Chan Gailey recently spoke about upgrading our ILB position with a big, strong, athletic man.  Martez fits in perfect and would be a great match with Poz flanked by Arthur Moats and Shawn Merriman.

  3. Robert Sands (SS) - West Virginia - 6'5'' 216lb

    Donte Whitner is on his way out.  The safety class is not considerably deep this year - so who will be available at this point is questionable.  Robert Sands is a big physical S who could help fill in the void left by Whitner.  Regardless of who is taken at this point - a SS would be the biggest need at this point.  Tyler Sash out of Iowa is another option.

  4. James Carpenter (OT) - LSU - 6'5'' 313lb   AND   Lawrence Guy (DE/DT) - Arizona State - 6'5'' 300lb

    James Carpenter was an outstanding athlete in the Senior Bowl.  I doubt he lasts this long but I will project him as a late 3rd, early 4th round prospect for the time being until further analysis.  James Carpenter showed discipline and ability to block the Senior Bowls top defenders.  He can instantly start at the right side for us.

    Lawrence Guy is a strong DT that can be the big guy we are all wanting.  Yes, it is late, but we found our man Kyle Williams in the later rounds of the draft.

  5. Stanley Havilli (FB) - USC - 6'1'' 230lb

    I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of Havilli playing in Chan Gailey's offense as FB.  Havilli was incredible in USC catching out of the backfield and paving the way for running backs.  Havilli has the skill set and ability to become an elite FB - and would instantly improve our offense.  I would be thrilled to have Havilli paving the way for Spiller and Jackson.

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