How did the Bills offense do in 2010?


The 2010 Bills season is finally over and it’s another long offseason for players and fans alike. It’s the 6th consecutive losing season and the 11th time in a row that the Bills have failed to make the postseason. With the Bills finishing at 4-12, they hold the number 3 spot in the NFL draft, but given the Bills history of continually blowing first round draft picks, will the Bills finally get this one right?

Before the 2010 season started, there were plenty of questions going into the season. Let’s take a look at some of them on the offense and see if they were answered.

1.       Gailey was known for getting good production from sub-par/mediocre QB’s, could he do the same with Trent Edwards?

No, Edwards only lasted 2 games and was quickly shown the door. But Gailey did get good production from Ryan Fitzpatrick, as Fitz had 3000 yards passing, 23 TDs and 15 INTs in 13 games as the Bills starting QB. Fitz’s production was the best by a Bill since Drew Bledsoe’s first season with the Bills.


2.       Could Gailey make the offense better?

Yes, he did. In 2009, the Offense ranked 30th overall with 273.9 YPG, Pass: Ranked 30th with 157.2 YPG and Rush: Ranked 16th with 116.7 YPG, In 2010, the Offense ranked 25th overall with 304.9 YPG, Pass: Ranked 24th with 197.4 YPG and Rush: Ranked 18th at 107.5 YPG.


3.       How would Demetrius Bell and Eric Wood perform this year after suffering season ending injuries?

Eric Wood had his best statistical performance as a Bill this year and looks to take over as the Bills permanent Center. In run protection, Wood had: 73 Good, 209 Decent, 23 Bad, 4 Killed plays for an overall grade of 78.4%, which was 2nd behind Andy Levitre at 78.7%. Pass blocking, Wood had: 17 Good, 431 Decent, 24 Bad, 6.5 Killed, 1 Sack pass plays and an overall grade of 74.7% which is the highest grade on the O-line.

Bell on the other hand struggled compared to the other O-linemen, but did manage to play all 16 games for the Bills. Bell’s run blocking stats were: 33 Good, 295 Decent, 25 Bad, 6 Killed with an overall grade of 75.5%, which was 2nd lowest from the O-linemen that finished the year. Pass protection: 7 Good, 514 Decent, 45 Bad, 17.5 Killed, 8.5 Sacks and 43 in which he got help on, giving him an overall rating of 73.7%

Here’s what’s Gailey had to say about Bell’s play this season: "I thought Demetrius (Bell) had an OK year. I didn’t think he had a great year. And I know the injury, he couldn’t practice Wednesdays at all the whole year, and again I’m not trying to make excuses for anybody but I’m just stating facts, he didn’t practice on Wednesdays. I think a year of strength and core development I think will help him tremendously. He missed all of that last year because of the shoulder, he got no upper body work, he got no lower body work and he gutted out the season. He and Eric (Wood) gutted out the season for us and you’ve got to like that about a guy that will do that. But I think his upside is tremendous.” Looks like Bell will get another year to show if he can improve and become a good LT in the league.


4.       How will Cornell Green do at RT?

Hahaha, do I even need to answer this?


5.       Could Gailey get more production out of Roscoe Parrish?

Yes. Roscoe had his best statistical numbers in the NFL this season with 33 receptions, 400 yds and 2 TDs before going on IR after 8 weeks.


6.       Would the rookie WR’s have any kind of impact?

Yes they did. Once Parrish broke his wrist and was placed on season ending IR, David Nelson saw his playing time increase and was very effective before getting his injured ribs in the last Patriots game. Nelson had 31 Rec’s, 353 yds and 3 TD’s. Donald Jones also more time when Lee Evans and Parrish went on IR and finished the year with 18 Rec’s, 213 yds and 1 TD. Naaman Roosevelt saw playing time the last 2 weeks of the season and finished with 9 Rec’s for 139 yards. Not bad for three undrafted rookie free agents.


7.       Since Terrell Owens and Josh Reed were not resigned, who would become the #2 WR?

Steve Johnson showed he is very capable of that role as Johnson had a breakout year for the Bills with 82 receptions, 1073 yards and 10TD’s. But it looks like the Bills need a #1 WR now. Ever since Lee Evans signed his contract extension, his production has significantly decreased. In 2009, Evans had 44 Rec’s, 612 yds and 7 TD’s. In 2010, Evans had 35 Rec’s, 578 yds and 4 TD’s. Also in 2010, Evans had two games where he had zero receptions and two other games where he had one reception in each game (1 for 6yds, 1 for 9 yds). Those numbers are not what you would expect from a #1 WR. Now there will be some that will give plenty of reasons why Evans has not been successful over the last two years, but like Coach Gailey has said “We’re in a league of ‘What have you done for me lately’?”


8.       How would Gailey use three RB’s effectively?

He couldn’t, which is why Marshawn Lynch was traded to Seattle and Fred Jackson reclaimed the starting RB position.


9.       What kind of impact would first round draft pick C.J. Spiller have on the offense?

Not much. Spiller had 74 rushes for 283 yds and 0TD’s, and added 24 Rec’s for 157 yds and 1TD. Spiller has shown that if he can get into open space that he can be very effective, but getting him into open space was a big problem for the O-line this year. Where Spiller was effective was in the return game where Spiller had 44 kick returns for 1014 yds and a 95 yd TD vs the Pats. Spiller added 12 punt returns for 175 yds.


In order for the Bills to be more effective on offense, they need better production from their O-line (mainly the right side). Also, the Bills need tight end’s that can block and be effective in the passing game. The TE’s were non-existent this year.  The offense at this point looks much better than the defense, but it still has a way to go in order to be very effective.


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