5 Picks to Get 5 Starters

By now the season has ended for just about a week and we have already seen the mock birds in full flight. (Gotta Love It)

I'm not here to give names on who I think the Bills should pick or to even speculate on who the Bills will pick.

Im here to make a point that I feel might go over looked, not only do we have the 3rd overall pick in the 1st round, we have the 3rd all the way through the draft meaning there are only 2 teams that can steal guys away from us in any given round.

This team has a numerous amount of deficiencies, DT,LB, OLB, TE, RT, CB, DE we all know this and we talk about it every week at lengths.

We have a chance with our 1st 5 picks in this draft (1,2,3,4,4) to get our hands on some quality talent. To be completely honest this could be the Bills most important off season they have had in a very very long time. Too long has this team toiled in mediocrity finishing with 7-9, 6-10, 8-8 records only to miss the playoffs and have a pick in between 8-20,(if you draft correctly it shouldn't matter where you draft, but I wont go there). Now we have a top 3 pick, a chance at a STUD, a chance to get someone who is clearly better (or at least appears haha) then everyone else at his own position(s) a chance to bring in a star.

I dont know about anyone else but this makes me giddy. For numerous years I have stared at the draft board and said man if we only picked higher we could have taken this guy or that guy and now we have that chance. Now most of the people on this site (or at least from what I saw) were angry that Andrew Luck decided to stay at Stanford and to be honest I don't get that, this now gives us a chance to build everywhere else, build other positions and get a chance at Luck next year. Even if we finish with out the top pick we could develop Assets and move them to move up in the draft to draft this kid.

I know I have had numerous conversations on this site with VonScott (among others) about Ryan Fitz not being the future of this ball club, and that is still my position but with Andrew Luck out of the picture for this year we can focus on Fitzy, getting him prepared for a long season, all the while building up the defensive and offensive deficiencies to make this ball club better suited for the long haul. (Buddies plan all along)

I have also spoke numerous times about free agency and how getting a couple guys via free agency would make our draft that much better and I still feel that way but if Buddy wants to draft then sign some guys im ok with that aswell as long as we make the picks count.

I said it above and I'll say it again with such a high draft pick not only does It make this off season so important but it makes our chances of getting the guys we want alot better and if we can just make those first 5 count (if not every pick) then we will head into next year with a path laid out, then, all that's left to do is walk it baby.

Common Buddy, I know you do your homework, I know you love your scouting, so make sure you get this one right and if you do, hopefully, HOPEFULLY, the Bills will no longer toil in mediocrity, they will allow this fan base to see some friggin playoff football.

And 1 last thing if you haven't heard the Mumford and Sons CD, i suggest you give it a listen

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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