Nick Fairley, and the Bills run defense - An early and convincing look

Buffalo Bills Rush Defense

(Year - yds/gm allowed - rank)      Record (W-L)                First Round Pick NFL Draft

  • 2010 - 169.6yds/gm - 32     Record (4-12)          CJ Spiller (RB)
  • 2009 - 156.3yds/gm - 30     Record (6-10)          Aaron Maybin (OLB), Eric Wood (G)
  • 2008 - 121.6yds/gm - 22     Record (7-9)            Leodis McKelvin (CB)
  • 2007 - 124.6yds/gm - 25     Record (7-9)            Marshawn Lynch (RB)
  • 2006 - 140.9yds/gm - 28     Record (7-9)            Donte Whitner (S), John McCargo (DT)
  • 2005 - 137.8yds/gm - 31     Record (5-11)          No Pick

FACT - Historically the Bills cannot stop the run.  Historically it seams the team has not made an effort to improve this aspect of the defense.  For the past 6 years the Bills defense has been rock bottom in stopping the run.  It doesn't help the statistics this year - as we changed philosophies to a 3-4 defense.

The best teams in the past decade have shown a tendency to stop the run:  Steelers, Ravens, Patriots.  The Colts and Saints showed a stout run defense during their Superbowl runs.

FACT - the best teams in the NFL stop the run.

Defensive Misses in the First round the past five years

Top Ranked DT in Draft past 5 years

  • 2010:  Ndamakung Suh, Gerald McCoy
  • 2009:  BJ Raji
  • 2008:  Glen Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis
  • 2007:  Amoki Akoye, Adam Carriker
  • 2006:  Haloti Ngata

The Top ranked DT in the draft the past five years have been impact players for their teams - almost instantly improving their defense.  Haloti Ngata is the most famous example - but this year Ndamakung Suh continues to the theme.  Stud defensive tackles seam to be a safe, if not fantastic pick in drafts - especially if a team has the opportunity to take the top ranked DT.


The Buffalo Bills desperately need to improve their run defense, and they are in an opportunity to take the top available DT in the draft.  The Buffalo Bills need to put a play maker next to Kyle Williams.  Williams is taking too much on his shoulders.


The Candidates:

  1. Nick Fairley (DT) Auburn 6'4'' 296lb
  2. Marcell Dareus (DT) LSU 6'3'' 306lb
  3. Allen Bailey (DT) Miami 6'4'' 290lb
  4. Jurrell Casey (DT) USC 6'1'' 295lb
  5. Stephan Paea (DT) Oregan St. 6'1'' 300lb
  6. Cameron Heyward (DE) Ohio St. 6'6'' 290lb
  7. Cameron Jordan (DE) Cal 6'4'' 290lb


My pick is Nick Fairley.  Nick Fairley's stock has been rising the past few weeks - but I think his collective season is a strong resume to consider him the top DT in the nation.  The Stats are there.  15+ TFL, 11Sacks, 15+ Hurries.  More than stats - its Fairley presence and ability to dominate at the position that makes him so special.  Fairley racked up 3 sacks against LSU, completely dominating the line and creating havoc all game.  He stops the run and pressures the QB.  He has excellent size and can be used as both a NT and DE in our 3-4 system.  Ideally I would love to select a player that can be used the same way the Ravens used Ngata - flanking him at DE or NT. 

After watching tape - I am thoroughly impressed with Nick Fairley.  Although early - I like Nick Fairley to the Buffalo Bills with their 3rd pick in the 2011 NFL Draft.  It makes sense.


Hope you enjoyed the read....

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