What do you like this weekend? - Week 6

How did we all do last weekend?  I went 6 for 6 on a great weekend of fun, exciting, nail-biting sports action!

To recap:

PHI@BUF OVER 50: (W) - I actually took Buffalo +3, but either bet was a winner - so (W) either way!

CAR +6.5: (W) Like I said last week - keep giving Cam the points, Vegas!  I am almost to auto-bet with the Panthers...they just keep getting it done!

PIT -3: (W) Blow-out win...actually had to listen to it as I was driving through Penna at the time and it was the only game I could find.

NYJ@NE OVER 49: (W) - I actually went with the Axis and took NE for the (W) but both covered.

ATL +6: This would have been a loss - but I did the 180 and went with GB after a stern talking to from a few betting my original pick was a (L), but GB was a (W)

Other pick made: Went with DET on Monday night minus the 6 points (W).  First MNF game in over 10 years, DET is hot, I just kept thinking back to the electricity of the Ralph on that Monday night game against the Cowboys (Obviously until the end) and how Ford Field was gonna be insane!

After the jump: lines and my early plays:

STL@GB-15 O/U 48

JAX@PIT-12 O/U40.5

PHI@WAS+1.5 O/U 47

SF@DET-4.5 O/U 46

CAR@ATL-4 O/U 50.5

IND@CIN-7 O/U 41

BUF@NYG-3 O/U 50

HOU@BAL-8 O/U 45

CLE@OAK-7 O/U 44.5

DAL@NE-7 O/U 55.5

NO@TB+4.5 O/U 49.5

MIN@CHI+3 O/U 41.5

MIA@NYJ-7 O/U 42.5

Let me start by saying that this week is scaring me...a lot of big numbers out there.  Vegas is starting to get a read on who teams really are and I think lines are gonna get a bit tighter.  But here are my (early) plays:

BUF+3 - This is my only lock of the week.  I think they win this one outright...I'm laying big numbers on this game.

PIT-12 - I hate giving 12 points, but do not see a scenario where Jax can compete with this team - HOWEVER - I can be swayed with a good argument in the comments section.

OAK-7 -  I think they keep riding the emotional wave back at home with (supposedly) a big tribute to Mr. Davis before the game...They win this one by two touchdowns

IND@CIN OVER 41 -  Just a hunch

CAR -4 -  Like I bet.  But - I think the line moves more and I'll probably get it around 5 or 5.5 for a tough divisional game.  And ATL hasn't shown me anything yet (besides first quarter dominance last week) that makes me think they are the solid team they used to be.


Thoughts? Comment away.  Good luck and let's all make some $$$

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