How are teams generating pass rush

This week our pass rush reached a new level of atrocity. Our pass rush is getting really sickening and that led me to think who can we possibly be so talentless. Can we really be that bad? So I decided to do this quick analysis.

For this analysis, I assumed we want to aspire to be the top 12 stingiest defenses in scoring (not top 12 in sacks or yards). After 6 weeks, the 12 stingiest defenses are ravens, 49ers, redskins, steelers, bengals, titans, lions, packers, texans, chargers, bears and jaguars.

These 12 teams have produced on average 12 sacks so far, way better than our 4 total.

Next I looked into how are these 12 sacks being generated. I split the sacks based on positions/ roles. The positions/roles are as follows:

DE, OLB, speciality rushers, ILB, NT, safety blitz, corner blitz... this is what I found

DE - 2

OLB - 2

speciality rushers - 2

ILB - 1

NT - 1

safety blitz - 2

corner blitz - 2

What we can see is that teams dont rely on a stud rusher to do all the job... if they dont have a stud rusher they still get the job done... out of the 12 sacks 4 comes from the secondary... that's a 1/3rd from the secondary blitz!! where are our blitzes George??

Another interesting thing to note is teams generate as much pressure from speciality rushers as they do from their star rusher... here are a few speciality rushers

aldon smith - SF - rookie - 5.5 sacks so far... doesnt start games but comes in on rushing situations... this is so disappointing... he has 5.5 in 6 games.. and maybin didnt give us 1 in 2 years... 

for SD, antwan barnes and larry english have 2 each... for PIT, larry foote has one...

i think we have moats who can do that job... why is George not subbing moats in instead of kelsay in passing downs more regularly?

Another thing is inside blitz... teams on average have been successful to blitz their ILB at least once so far... GB's desmond bishop has 3 sacks so far... ray lewis has 2... i think barnett is capable... why arent you blitzing barnett more George?

A positive is out of our 4 sacks 2 have come from DEs... i think our DEs are doing the job... and i think once kyle is fit he will start generating pressure from the nose position...

But the main hole still remains... a star rusher who can get atleast 6-7 sacks by himself from the OLB position...

But based on what others are doing, I think we should have produced atleast 9 sacks based on scheming...

I put this one solely on George... I think he is too conservative... I think he is not using so many blitzing opportunities... Hell, when you are giving up 400+ yards every game anyway, i think it is time the CBs and safeties start running the other direction towards the QB more often than keep getting beaten by bigger faster WRs...

Summary, we have intelligent DBs to blitz, we have good ILBs for the first time to blitz, our frontline is actually doing a good job and we have a couple speciality rushers in moats and batten... what we lack is a stud every down rusher which we have to wait till next draft...  but given what we have got we should still be having around 8-9 sacks by now and more pressure on the QBs... then maybe they all wont throw 300+ yds... so I put all this on conservative George...

What do you guys say?

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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