Game Day Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 10/2

Inside The Bills | Look for Bills to spread it out
"That’s why it’s probably safe to assume that Buffalo will be spreading the field early and often. They have to believe that their top four receivers are better than Cincy’s top 4 corners, and that means mismatches."

Bills need Merriman to provide a power surge - The Buffalo News
"All he might need is a few, dominant, emotionally charged plays to put an end to this played out, "What's wrong with Merriman?" story line. In any event, Merriman says he's getting healthy and while he doesn't concern himself with statistics, he wants to once again reach the level of play where he caused so much chaos."

5 Things To Watch In Bills-Bengals - WGR 550
" Can the Bills high-powered offense crack the highly rated Bengals defense? Let's take a look at five things to watch during the game:"

Bills carry civic pride on their backs - The Buffalo News
"I hope that the winning—and the feeling of communal affirmation it brings—lasts for a while. With an ailing 92-year-old owner who has no succession plan in place, and Los Angeles among the big-city markets salivating for a team, the Bills may not be carrying our flag much longer. But, at least for the moment, there is magic in the air. Everybody, join hands."

Diehard Bills fans never stop believing - The Buffalo News
As Buffalo fans unite every Sunday to watch their team," the atmosphere is nothing short of euphoric. The insatiable, palpable excitement amongst us has given new meaning to those dreams that we enter every season with. Maybe this is the team. Maybe, just maybe, this is our year. So, to our 2011 3-0 Buffalo Bills: We are so excited. We are waiting. We are hoping. And we believe in you guys with all our hearts."

Week 4: Bengals Game Plan -
Chris Brown and Steve Tasker break down how the Bills might attack the Bengals today.

Week 4: Player Guest Stevie Johnson -
Stevie Johnson shares his thoughts with Jeff Russo on the Bills broadcast.

Inside The Bills | Wheatley workload won’t be heavy
"We don’t want to give him a lot early on," Gailey told "We give him as much as we feel he can handle in our opinion. Players always think they can handle more than you give them. That’s just a given. He’ll be fine if we can get him some work and keep him in the system for a couple of weeks. He just got here the week before so he didn’t really know our terminology. So we’re trying to do a great job of catching him up."

Inside The Bills | Touchbacks not bugging Gailey
"Yeah, there’s give and take in that," Gailey told "I’m disappointed in our kickoff returns because we’re starting at the 20 so many times and he’s a valuable weapon in that area. But at the same time our kickoff coverage has been pretty good. I think we have the most tackles on kickoffs inside the 20 of any team in the league. If we can keep doing that then I’ll take the swap."

Inside The Bills | Chandler close to team record
"Chandler with 4 TD catches is just two away from the single-season record for tight ends in Bills history. Pete Metzelaars (1992) and Jay Riemersma (1998) share the Bills single-season record with 6 TDs in a season."

Bills protect themselves from the trap - Jerry Sullivan
"So I'm having trouble with this trap game concept. The Bills have a lot of flaws. But overconfidence isn't one of them. They're not ready for a trap game. They're not good enough yet, and they know it. Gailey doesn't seem to think so, either."

Lack of star power doesn't detract from Bills' luster - The Buffalo News
"The Buffalo Bills," said Merril Hoge, "do not have the best quarterback, nor the best receivers, nor the best running backs -- but they do have the best team."

Balanced offense, active 'D' needed to subdue Bengals - The Buffalo News
Rodney McKissic goes over some of the keys of today's game.

Lions, Bills get big on the way to getting better - The Buffalo News
"The Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions today can become just the fifth and sixth teams in the last 22 years to start 4-0 after opening the previous season 0-4. The revival of the two downtrodden franchises is one of the stories of the year so far in the NFL."

Bills players say media attention won't distract them | Democrat and Chronicle
"We definitely enjoy it because we are winning," Johnson said. "It's always good when you're winning, but as far as the past weeks, it's already in the past. We have to worry about the Cincinnati Bengals now."

Bengals assistant coach Paul Alexander a man of many talents | Democrat and Chronicle
"The Bengals' offensive line coach, Paul Alexander, hits all the right notes as coach, piano player."

Walker's weekend mailbag - AFC East Blog - ESPN
Is Ryan Fitzpatrick a legit MVP candidate? What happens if the Bills lose this week? The Giants and Jets are NY teams... and more from James Walker.

Don’t count Buffalo out - Viewpoints - The Buffalo News
"Why do they hate us? This question is batted around in my native Buffalo a lot, and it has nothing to do with terrorist threats. It’s a perennial issue during football season, when Western New Yorkers endure another round of derisive and dismissive comments about the Buffalo Bills."

Bills brush off the hype - Tonawanda News
"We’re just trying to make sure that everybody stays grounded, nobody buys into the hype that we’re getting all of a sudden, and that we continue to do our best to be as prepared as we can be and to stack the wins week in and week out," Bills safety George Wilson said. "Right now, our focus is going 4-0."

CANOE -- SLAM! Sports - NFL - Not time for Bills to Bungle
"It’s a double-edged sword," Gailey said of the attention that has swept over Buffalo since the 21-point comeback win over the Patriots a week ago. "If you play great, you get it, but you’ve got to learn how to handle it. If you can’t handle it, then it won’t be around long. I’m talking a lot to these guys, making sure they don’t get away from what got us to where we are."

Who'd pass on Ryan Fitzpatrick? | |
"I always look back to that and am so thankful for the opportunity I was given from Marvin (Lewis)," Fitzpatrick said on a conference call earlier this week. "I know that it was under the circumstance that Carson got hurt, but in sticking with me and staying with me and giving me confidence throughout that whole year, allowing us to finish 4-3-1, that really did give me confidence."

Elder grad Wood at center of Bills' resurgence | |
"After two years at right guard, Eric Wood is back to his natural position of center, and is one of the key reasons why the Bills offensive line has continued to make progress this season."

Scouting report: Bengals vs. Bills | |
Joe Reedy looks at the Bills-Bengals tilt today by going inside the numbers.

Five keys for Bengals vs. Bills | |
"Joe Reedy's five keys to a Bengals' victory are converting on third down, getting to Ryan Fitzpatrick, sticking to the run, bouncing back and strong play from the secondary."

Businesslike Fitzpatrick Guides Bills’ Stirring Start -
"The groundwork for the predictable career on Wall Street had already been laid — the coursework in economics, the internship at a Boston hedge fund. Then Ryan Fitzpatrick’s college coach surprised him with a suggestion after his junior season: spend a long weekend that summer at the Manning family’s passing academy in Louisiana."

Jackson is carrying the load for Buffalo | Star-Telegram
"Jackson's base salary is $1.75 million this season, making him the Bills' 24th highest-paid player and the 42nd highest-paid running back in the league. His contract doesn't expire until after the 2012 season, but Jackson hasn't hidden his desire for a new one."

Bills' McIntrye happy to be a misfit -
"We've got no egos here," said Buffalo starting fullback Corey McIntyre. "It's just guys tired of how things have been around here in Buffalo. They're tired of being that team that's talked about as an easy win when you play them."

Buffalo Bills plans finally paying off - The National
"Even with this unheralded cast at the skill positions, the Buffalo Bills are 3-0 and one of the final three unbeaten teams in the NFL."

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