DeeElAre's Fearless Rest of the Year Predictions!


Team by team, game by game, my predictions for who will win for the rest of the season. And remember, you heard it here first.


Buffalo Bills: 4-2

Remaining Schedule/Pick for the game/Explanation for the pick:


vs. Washington Redskins: W, 35-18

In this "home game" (Toronto) for Buffalo, look for whoever is at QB for the ‘Skins to be bad, and the Bills defense to be healthy and looking for vengeance.


vs. NY Jets: W, 27-7

Another home game, (actually home this time), another low quality opposing QB, and an underperforming defense.


@ Dallas Cowboys: L, 34-31

Bills have played 2 road games, and have lost both by close scores. Tony Romo is inconsistent, but if he can put some drives together the Bills could be in trouble.


@ Miami Dolphins: W, 42-14

Yes it’s a road game, but it’s a road game against the Dolphins. Bills Squish the Fish.


@ NY Jets: W, 24-21

Bills figure out how to win on the road, but still fill up the cardiac centers in Western NY and elsewhere.


vs. Tennessee Titans: W, 31-21

Matt Hasselback is enjoying a renaissance of sorts, but the Bills finally take their vengeance for the Music City Miracle.


@ San Diego Chargers: L, 28-17

Bills have beaten will beat 3/4 of the AFC west, this is the loss.


vs. Miami Dolphins: W, 38-3

Dolphins in Buffalo in December. ‘Nuff said.


Denver Tebows: W, 17-14

Tough Denver pass rush makes things tough for FredEx and co., but Tebow is at best a decent TE, and at worst, a sub par QB.


New England Bradiots: L, 35-14

Belichick exacts his revenge on Buffalo, Bills won’t break their streak of losses in Foxboro.


Bills finish 11-5, good, but not good enough to top the 12-4 Patriots in the East.



Division Winners/seed:

AFC East: Patriots(1)

AFC North: Steelers(2)

AFC South: Texans (3)

AFC West: Chargers (4)

Wildcard 1: Bills (5)

Wildcard 2: Raiders (6)


Wildcard Weekend!

Raiders @ Texans

Raiders win, 34-31 (OT)

Carson Palmer and Darren McFadden are the most competent QB/RB combination the Raiders have had in years, they take down the Texans.


Bills @ Chargers

Chargers win, 28-27

Another shot at the Chargers for the Bills, same outcome. Phillip Rivers shreds the Bills secondary, Fred Jackson shreds the Chargers D-line, comes down to a nailbiter. Bills fans are just happy they made the playoffs, thirst for blood in 2012



Division Playoffs!

Raiders @ Patriots

Raiders win, 31-14

The Devil comes to collect from Brady and Belichick, Raiders win.


Chargers @ Steelers              

Steelers win, 38-31

Big Ben throws 5 TDs, Steelers Roll.


Conference Championship!

Raiders @ Steelers

Raiders win, 20-12

Raiders make it to the Superbowl for the first time in like 10 years under the guiding hand of Al Davis’ ghost.


NFC Picks to come tomorrow!

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