Week 4 Observations

Each week there are a few things I take away from each game, and figured I should share them with the group.  Comments and feedback are always welcome.

- It will be amazing when this Bills team puts together 2 solid halves of football in the same game.  After two games when the team played a stellar second half, this week the Bills had the advantage (at least on the scoreboard) in the first half.  Credit the Bengals defense for a great second half.

- The Bills battled yesterday, but it always seemed as if they were starting deep in their own territory.  The team seemed to be playing with a long field most of the day, and never truly got things rolling.  I feel as if the team misses Parrish in the return game.

- Was it just me, or did the defense look incredibly flat after the replay was upheld on Stevei Johnson's reception in the 4th quarter.  I'm not sure what it was, but they came back onto the field looking confused and sluggish.  It was almost as if they weren't ready to get back on the field.

- There is not much more to be said about the replay on that catch.  And I will refer to it as a catch, because there was nothing that showed it was not.  It will always be a "what if" play, and I will leave it at that.

- I'm not sure why it took so long, but David Nelson was MIA for the entire first half - it didn't even look like he was targeted.  I don't have the football sense to understand the coverages, or exactly what Cincy may have done to take him out of the game, but I was surprised to see the lack of targets.

- I don't want to get into bashing the refs, but I was surprised that not one hold was called against the Bengals yesterday.  On a number of replays it did look as if Merriman, Williams, and Dareus were all being held.  I realize there is not going to be a hold call on every play, but was surprised by a few blatant misses.

- While Leodis takes a lot of heat, I think AJ Green deserves some major praise for his play yesterday.  He is definitely a guy that the QB can just throw the ball up, and he is going to have a great chance of coming down with a great catch.  While it hurt to watch him have success against the Bills, he is one special talent to watch and admire.

- Was it just me, or did some of the play-calls seem predictable, especially on 2nd and short yardage situations in the second half.  The team would complete a pass for 6-9 yards on first down, and would run Fred Jackson right up the middle on the ensuing play for no gain or a loss.  Not pretending to have the answers, but it did seem predictable.

Is any loss good, no.  But I do hope that the game will provide some perspective to a young team, and maybe keep the national media interviews on the back burner for a little bit. I love the attention the team has received early this year, but even I was surprised to see Fitz, Chan and Stevie doing so many media spots.  On to Philadelphia and a big game at the Ralph this weekend.

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