Defensive coordinator quest

Our FO is lazy, unintelligent and timid. Our defense has been aweful for more than an entire decade but nothing changes. Our FO continue to hire other teams rejects and old flare outs...

If our FO is not competitive, doesnt mean we have to be. I want to start a research within the fan base for the next amazing D-coordinator. One that is creative. One that can succeed even without top tier talent all the time. One that will make Gailey only focus on the offensive side of the ball and trust the defense is in good hands. One that generates great pressure. One that can shut down the run game and get bills defense in atleast top 12.

I might have to do this analysis at the end of the year when all the games are played but for now I used 2010's data. I am also going by the theory that hiring an ex-superbowl winner ( hint: dave wandtsteddt) is not the way I want to go. I want to take a chance on a good positional coach as the next D-coord. Just like good teams seem to be doing all the time - like san diego, steelers, etc...

To figure out the top linebackers coaches around the league I went by their units production in sacks. So here is a list of linebacker's coaches from around the league.I added as much information as I could find.

1. Keith Butler, Steelers. Age - 55. With steelers since 2003. With steelers, he has produced a steady stream of pass rushers. Steelers defense has obviously been one of the best in his time. He has developed both first round talent like woodley, mid round talent like joey porter and free agent talent like james harrison. He might be a big old at 55 but the only reason I am including him here is because i read he is in line to replace dick lebeau long term.

2. John Pagano - Chargers, Age - ?(but young). With chargers since before 2005. Has developed 1st round talent like merriman and mid round talent like shaun phillips in his time. Again chargers defense has been good in his time. He is the youger brother of Chuck Pagano who is the current D-coord of the ravens who ofcourse is wreaking havoc in the league right now.

3. Kevin Greene - Packers, age - 49. Been with the packers since 2009. He is one of the yougest guys here and can be a really good option. He lucked out in having clay mathews being his first project. But mathews wasnt very productive in college either. So some credit definitely goes to greene in developing mathews so quickly. Again packers defense has been great.

4. Bill sheridan - dolphins, age - 52. since 2010. If anyone remembers, he was the d-coord for the giants in 2009. He got fired and fewell got the job. Before being the d-coord he was the giants linebackers coach. Giants are obviously known for their constant pressure from both their line and linebackers... With the dolphins he developed Wake to be a 14 sack guy last season. Failed D-coords get 2nd chance all the time and go on to succeed. Bill sheridan can be a good option.

5. Mike Singletary - 49ers till last year, now vikings - age-53... 49ers defense was always known to be a tough defense... i dont think i have to sell singletary to being a d-coord... maybe he doesnt have the temperament to be a head coach but i think he is a good option for being a d-coord.

6. Gary Gibbs, KC - age 59 - since 2009... he is old but hali success increased when he joined the team.

Who else would be a great option? I dont know much about college football. But I guess good defensive minded young college football coaches can become D-coords in NFL.

My next post maybe one level higher. Probably I will look for a younger more aggressive GM like ozzie newsome.

Just another great fan opinion shared on the pages of

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