A look back at Week 10... What happened to our offense? Part 1

Hey Everyone,

Why all of a sudden is our offense sputtering?  Have we been figured out?  Are we not making adjustments.  With the help of NFL game rewind, I'm looking at everyone of Fitz's pass attempts from the Dallas game to see if I can't spot something.  Here is the 1st half of things...

I will now list the pass attempts, what happened, and try to say how many players rushed and the coverage

1st drive

1) Sacked, busted blocking scheme, Cowboys rushed 5, Cover 1 man, nobody blocked Ware

2) Complete to Jones for 6 on a quick in, cowboys again rushed 5, slot corner blitzed and had a free rusher

3) Incomplete, fitz hit, overload blitz from the left, only rushed 5 (2db, 2dl, 1lb).  Jackson looked like he misread who to block.

So far 3 pass plays, 3 free rushers... not good

2nd Drive

4) complete to nelson for 11, 4 man rush, 6 kept into block, good thing too b/c Levitre got bull-rushed onto his ass, looked like man coverage

5) complete to Jackson for 5, quick hook.  Cowboys dropped 8 into coverage

6) complete to Jones for 9, 4 man rush, Cover 2 zone w/ the DB covering Jones taking a deep half.  Jones sees this, doesn't even come off the LOS and gets the quick pass from Fitz

7) Fitz scrambles for 12, 4 man rush, man coverage, a big hole opens up on the left side and Fitz takes off

8) complete to Jackson, loss of 2 on the quick screen, Bills were guessing blitz, Cowboys only rushed 3 and dropped 8, 4 guys were in front of Jackson w/ only 1 blocker

9) complete to Jackson on the WR screen, only rushed 4, nobody really blocked anyone in front of Jackson, gain of 1.

This drive the Cowboys really didn't blitz and the Bills were more successful but missed a long FG

3rd Drive

10) complete to nelson, playaction left, fitz rolls right hits Nelson for 9, Nelson faked blocking and released, a route you usually see a TE run.

11) close close DPI call on Newman against SJ.  Cowboys rushed 4

12) complete to Chandler for 18, 4 man rush, cover 2 zone, chandler crosses the field and gets behind the LB.  Good throw and catch.  Jackson actually blocks Spencer on the play as the OL slides towards Ware

13) incomplete, 1st and Goal, cowboys rush only 3, nobody open, fitz rolls right tries and to hit Nelson in the front right corner of the endzone but knocked away.

14) TD to Nelson, Cowboys rush 4, Fitz again rolls right, Nelson runs an out from the slot, stops and kinda posts up his man, fitz throws high and nelson grabs it and scores the TD and scores with his gf later that night b/c of the game ball stunt.   Quick note... Cowboys only had 10 guys on the field

Bills down 21-7 right now... offense not playing especially bad, much better since the 1st drive, but the defense looks terrible

4th Drive

15) complete to Jones for 8, looks like a quick hook.  Cowboys again only rush 3

16) incomplete to Nelson, tipped by Ware.  5 man rush, but picked up by the OL, Fitz rolls left has Nelson wide open over the middle for at least a 15 yard gain on a jerk route, but Ware gets a hand on it and it almost gets picked.  Too bad, lots of yardage on the play left on the table

17) incomplete to Johnson on the dig route (15 yard in).  Again only a 3 man rush.  Looked like man coverage with 3 deep safeties.  Nobody looked open

So that's the 1st half... Bills down 28-7.  Just a terrible terrible half by the defense.  The offense only had 4 possessions, the 1st one was a disaster due to OL problems, Drive #2 and #3 were acceptable, producing a TD and a FG miss.  The last drive was with only 1 minute left in the half, but still not that great.  17 planned passes for the Bills.  Only 4 Fred Jackson runs. 

I'll do part 2 later along with some final thoughts from the game and on things for next week.

Comments and thoughts welcomed,


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